Don’t Fear Photo Post-Processing – Shooting is Only the First Part of the Image Creation Process

In my opinion, this article by Holly Higbee – Jansen provides a simple and honest reasoning as to why any of us should consider post-processing our images.

While she only refers to Adobe Lightroom for dealing with the post-processing of raw images it is important that you are aware of the fact that besides Lightroom there are quite a few other very capable programs for doing the same thing.  Right now one of the big differences is that Lightroom is a total solution which not only offers excellent image processing but a fully comprehensive digital asset management capability. But for basic processing here are a few of the others.

Picktorial 3.0 (Mac Only) (By linking to Mac’s Photo program you can manage assets) (Very creative controls for adjusting images in a very simplified manner)(Inexpensive)

On1 Photo Raw (This program does offer digital asset management)(Very creative controls for adjusting images, however )(Reasonably priced)

Luminar (No management at all) (Extensive creative controls – actually too much going on with too many options)(Inexpensive)

Capture One (This program does offer digital asset management)(Expensive)(Lots of control)

Adobe Lightroom (Full management of assets)(Very creative controls)(Available only as a subscription for as little as $9.99 a month and includes both Photoshop and Lighroom cc programs.)



You have just bought your new bright shiny camera and you are sure that it is just the thing that will help you create better images. You’re shooting JPG with the camera’s automatic program modes, but you’re not getting the results you wanted. You keep upgrading your cameras thinking that will do the trick, only to find that the quality of your imagery isn’t getting any better. What’s going on?Lightroom Banner - Don’t Fear Photo Editing - Shooting is Only the First Part of the Image Creation Process

You may be missing an important part of digital photography, post-processing, with a state of the art processing program like Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop.

Source: Don’t Fear Photo Post-Processing – Shooting is Only the First Part of the Image Creation Process

  1. Great post listing the alternatives. I love LR and Nik (goodbye to that someday) and have started to try out Luminar which I like.


    1. Luminar has a lot to offer. I found it to be slow loading images and it does not have a viewer to be able to look at a whole card of images which makes it hard to rate the images and eliminate the not so good ones. Watch how you work the sliders as I found on my files that things were getting a bit over cooked. 🙂


      1. Good point. I have only used it for editing– didn’t know it was an organizer as well. Agree that the some of the presets, for me, are way over the top. Less is more. 🙂

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