FCC will vote whether to delete net neutrality on December 14

Once again Donald Trump’s administration because of his jealousy of rules that the last administration initiated is going to try and more than likely succeed in taking away the rights that all of have when using the internet by putting the decision making of how we use the internet into the greedy hands of companies like Verizon, Comcast, At&t, and others.

Once they have their teeth sunk into the control of content, speed, accessibility and decide to charge more and more money for better and better services all of us are going to be incredibly screwed.

Why aren’t companies like Adobe, Apple, and Microsoft telling Trump and his asshole FCC chairman, Pai to back off. How many people are using cloud services, sync services like Adobe’s and how will these people deal with the sudden slow down of their data that these monster providers will be able to have total control over.

How will everyone feel when we are subjected to what information on the web is available for us to use and share and learn from is put in the hands of major companies like Verizon, Comcast, and others.  Will you now be forced to live under the same controls that exist in other countries like China, North Korea, Russia, as well as many more.

Do not allow the federal government, Trump’s administration to take away what should be free and equal to every citizen.

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai today made good on his long-standing pledge to tackle regulations established in the last administration designed to protect the..

Source: FCC will vote whether to delete net neutrality on December 14

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