The Fuji XH1, Not for me but it will be and should be for others

I made a switch from the larger Dslr cameras years ago and never looked back.  I finally wound up with the Fuji X system, right from the beginning, and love everything Fuji has done in regards to style and especially image quality.

I cannot not  say how and where I was able to get some play time with the Fuji H and I had already come to some conclusions after reading all the information on the web but the link I have given you a link below as well as the video review from Kevin Mullen and it sums up the opinion I had already come to.

I think this camera will prove to be one of the most exceptional video cameras that has come out in a while, and for those who want to make use of Fuji’s exceptional long primes and zooms will find that this camera will be a very welcome addition. It is a market segment that Fuji has not addressed up till now but it is a segment of the market they must enter. This hybrid falls between their medium format camera and the  outstanding Xt-2 and seems to be a logical step forward.  But for me personally it violates what the original concept of the Fuji X system. That concept was all about  small size, light weight, and quality imaging.  The outstanding quality imaging is still there but not the smaller size and lighter weight.  The feel of the camera reminds me of the dSlr bodies I used from Nikon and Pentax and Canon.

This camera will well accepted by Fuji users who have been looking for a camera that will balance nicely with bigger and heavier glass.  I should also note that some of the special video features are only available by adding on the grip accessory which makes the camera even larger and heavier.

Because of the increased size and bulk and weight, this is a not camera I would personally want to use.

I like the new features which will enhance the shooting experience. The 5 axis image stabilization and faster auto focus as well as the new film simulation offering. None of that would make me want to carry this camera around.  Hopefully these features will appear in the X pro 3 and the XT-3 if they ever come to be.

However, for the video shooter, the sports photographer, wild life photographer wanting to use longer lenses, this camera could and should find a place in their camera bag, in a studio or out in the great outdoors shooting wildlife and landscapes

But for those like me who want small and light and very portable and stealthy, ready to go anywhere cameras and lenses the Fuji X pro 2 and Xt-2 or XE series, should not consider this new camera body concept.  Save your money and add some great new Fuji lenses instead.

If you think you might want to check out this new camera, there is a Fuji in store demo on February 24th and District Camera, at their Burke, Va. location.

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