Raw or Jpeg Processing Has Taken Me On A Long And Tiring Journey – But In The End There Can Be Just One – Picktorial for my raw files on my Mac Computers

Raw or Jpeg Processing Has Taken Me On A Long And Tiring Journey – But In The End There Can Be Just One – Picktorial for my raw files on my Mac Computers

Powerful photo editing software is a must-have for the modern-day image maker. Most photographers are familiar with the biggest names out there – all the got you versions of Lightroom, complex but quite good Capture One, the way over cooked and sloppy Luminar, and (until a couple of years ago) Apple’s own exceptional Aperture are popular choices. However, there are way too many users who are totally unaware of editing options outside of the big names. And as many have learned in the past 8 years or so big names do not always offer the best product or the best prices (referring to camera manufacturers).  Today, we’re going to delve into one of the most powerful, progressive image processing alternatives out there – Picktorial 3.0.

While in line with competitive products, this Israel-based startup is committed to providing professional processing tools photographers need to get ahead. Picktorial strives to include many of the same features highlighted by more established programs but in doing so have provided a simplistic but comprehensive approach by providing all the tools in one easy simplified space to work in and at the same time enhancing those things that are most important to get both professional and non professional quality minded photographers.

Over the past couple of years I have worked with the creators of this program and several things have stood out.  One is their dedication to making the best product available and that the product must be able to perform at the highest level at all times. The other is their desire to provide a product at a fair price that is highly competitive to other companies offering the professional features that they offer.  And at a list price (check their site for offers) of $49.95.

They are truly bridging the gap between over priced and over marketed photo editors and are providing cutting edge technologies to provide photography enthusiasts and professionals with the tools to take their work to the next level while making it possible with a minimal learning curve to give their fortunate users way beyond the next level.

For those who use Apple Photo on their desktops and portables you can use Picktorial as extension. For all photographers with an existing photo library looking to utilize more advanced edits this is outstanding compatibility.

And I understand that those who used and loved the now defunct Apple Aperture that Picktorial allows native Aperture browsing, eliminating the need for any sort of complex and time-consuming conversions.  Life made simple.

But there are many Mac users who never have used or want to use Apple Photo. Picktorial is most certainly a STAND ALONE PROGRAM which can utilize any type of storage you use from clouds to drives.

Support for over 500 different Camera Models

The fact that these young folks are a startup company should in no way make you think that they do not or will not support you.  The small team behind Picktorial  supports over 500 different types of cameras raw formats and is more than capable to process RAW files of all shapes and sizes, and effortlessly converts images to standard file formats like Jpeg and Tiff Files. More importantly, Picktorial’s ability to navigate RAW imagery makes non-destructive editing a possibility in areas where other programs simply do not hold up.  As a Fuji X user, having tried to find programs that are outstanding in processing my raw files has been a trying journey, but the folks at Picktorial heard me and delivered not only the proper algorithms but the most incredible Fuji film simulations offered only in the Fuji cameras.  And it all takes place in the raw processing format.

In many ways, the UI behind Picktorial is reminiscent to what you might see using Lightroom Classic or Luminar. However, there is one major aspect that sets it apart. Users will quickly pick up on the fact that Picktorial a utilizes single space workflow.
Because of this outstanding single space workflow it is the easiest software to use because it is so easy to navigate to all the tools

This means that moving between modules and jumping in and out of editing workspace’s is no longer a hinderance.  Everything a person needs to process images is located in one place, with live image preview always showing and refreshing instantly. While this may seem like a minor detail, it makes for a more efficient editing experience overall.

Many of the tools that are in Picktorial are found in other, more expensive programs but the refinement and increased offerings in this program go beyond the norm.

Picktorial adjustment optionsUsers will be happy to discover the plethora of powerful tools available on Picktorial. With curves, sliders, gradients, and more, it’s possible to really fine tune photographs. 

However, Picktorial’s editing tools and their capabilities climb to much greater heights basic adjustment sliders. The program screams when it comes to making local adjustments. These local adjustments cover the whole plethia of features this and other programs offer. Perhaps you have  played with a gradient or patching tool in the past. However, Picktorial goes above and beyond to take these tools to new heights.  Liniear gradients, Radial gradiens, Burshes, Healing brushes, Erase correction brushes.  I mean Wow.

Almost most programs offer basic color corrections – but, Picktorial also includes  split toning options as well as specific hue, saturation, and luminosity adjustments. Furthermore, precise and easy-to-apply color masks make it possible to totally change the look and feel of a photograph.

One thing that’s not often seen in cataloging programs is the ability to mask and make select edits – in this regard, Picktorial breaks the mold. Though the program lacks the layers one might find in a program such as Adobe Photoshop, the advanced brush tools are on par and often better than similar graphic rendering software.

Portrait Before and After

Another major advanced feature is a specific skin smoothing brush to get the desired effect. Using state of the art frequency separation techniques, it’s possible for photographers to closely control the amount of detail being preserved while retouching. When compared to the Lightroom-equivalent Spot Removal tool, Picktorial’s Patch tools blow competition out of the water.

To further aid the retouching process, the software comes equipped with an edge-aware brush that makes selecting and removing elements a snap.

Extremely well designed presets for giving you great head starts in processing images

There are beautiful presets found in a sidebar menu selection with dozens of options that can  generate a previews thumbnail illustrating how each profile will effect the image.


Picktorial preset bar

Picktorial continually updates and those who own the program for be on the lookout for new presets. The X-Pack was released to cater specifically to the Fujifilm x-Trans sensor. Profiles in this series were designed to simulate the rich, grainy look of film photos. Available for just $15, practically anyone looking to bring character and liveliness to their shots can do so with the click of a button.

X-Pack sample

Take a look at this features page which covers so much of the capability of the program.

 Don’t Just Take My Word For It, Try The Program Trial for free

It’s always tempting to stick to the familiar. However, Picktorial is worth going out of a limb for. It packs just as powerful a punch as its competitors, and in some areas, it manages to beat out industry standards. As if the high performance wasn’t enough to tip the scales, Picktorial also happen to be one of the most affordable options available.


3 thoughts on “Raw or Jpeg Processing Has Taken Me On A Long And Tiring Journey – But In The End There Can Be Just One – Picktorial for my raw files on my Mac Computers

  1. Elliot Hi

    As a refugee from Aperture I have spent way too much time (and money) in the last couple of years trying to find software that even comes close as a replacement. LR, ON1, Capture One, Luminar, Allen Skin, I’ve given them all a run. Picktorial beats them all hands down and the one thing you didn’t mention is its speed; it’s blindingly quick. The UI is a work of genius in my view, simple, clean and efficient.

    There are still a few things missing from my perspective; keystoneing and perspective correction, and stacking. Stacking of RAW and jpg pairs, as in Aperture, and stacking of versions and bracketed images. And finally if you want to print, and I do, softproofing is needed together with profiling and a print module. I still have to keep a version of LR just for its excellent print module, much as it pains me.

    Like you, I have found the folk at Picktorial to be responsive and they listen to what you have to say. Imagine that, a software company that responds to users!

    Enjoying your blog, btw.


    1. Thanks for reading the blog.I am with you one hundred percent on things to be added and I have spoken to them via email on many occasions. They are usually very responsive, and before they did the Fuji X simulations I had sent them images of Macbeth color charts as well as detail images so they could get into the Fuji sharpening issues that other software have. They did an incredible job with the data.

      I know they want to add all the features you wrote about but they are small and like so many other companies in their industry under funded. I hope they stick with it and while doing so expand their base of customers. The more people who write about them the greater the chance of doing just that, growing their base.

      I do not have any financial or business relationship with them but just on the receiving end of their hopes and desires and their ability to respond with such complete answers makes me want to help them.

      I am a 75 year old Photo Industry person who has spent 70 of these years in photography. In my grown up time I worked for companies like Berkey Marketing in New York who sold top line German and Japanese camera gear and then moved on to Ehrenreich Photo, the original importers of Nikon into the United States. I stayed with Ehrenreich, later to become Nikon USA for 33 years, retired, started a workshop company and here i am.

      So I certainly have a fondness for the industry and young folks like Yoav at Picktorial and want to see them succeed.

      1. Elliot, Unlike you I’m a relative late-comer to photography. Sure I took photos but of the “snap” variety, kids growing up, holidays etc. Then I went to work in South Africa and discovered the bush and began getting serious about image taking. I have boxes of slides that I’m very slowly bringing into the digital world. But I was never involved with a darkroom and the processing of film. The world changed for me with the purchase of a Nikon D70 followed by a D90, D600 and the use of Aperture. The D600 suffered from the shutter lubricant showering the sensor and trashing thousands of images, a problem which Nikon never really acknowledged, and in a fit of pique I sold all my full frame gear and bought an Oly E-M1 and never looked back. I love the m43 world and the wonderful glass that is affordable to a retiree like me and, as you have written about, the size/weight advantage is a bonus for my ageing body!

        I spent 25 years in the computer industry selling systems and software and therefore know a good deal about software development and the time and cost associated with it. One of my concerns about Picktorial is that it’s too damn cheap! I’m not sure about their business model and have no idea how they are funded but you need to sell an awful lot of licenses at $50 a pop to sustain the kind of dev they are involved in. I don’t know how many folk are involved but they are clearly a very bright bunch and I hope they succeed and carve out a niche amongst the other players. Sadly, most of the photography world think Adobe (a company I love to loathe) is the only game in town and going up against them is a big ask. Fingers crossed!

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