Fuji X Raw Studio – A New and Different Approach To Post Processing – on it’s own or together with an additional solution

It was just a few days ago that I wrote about the lowly JPEG files and how they seem to be bullied by the much bigger Raw Files.  The article spoke to the feature of film simulations in my Fuji X cameras and how Fuji’s historical background in designing and selling some of the worlds greatest films allowed Fuji to put all that knowledge to great use in their digital mirror less cameras.  Anyway, if you have not read that article and would like to read it, you can find it here.  The article.  (jumpstart recommendation)

I had explained, in that article, that you could process raw images right in the camera.  You could if you wanted apply any of the in camera creative settings to the raw file to ultimately produce a finished post processed JPEG file while leaving the original raw file intact.  That said you could also make as many altered – post processed JPEG files as you want using all kinds of different settings like different film simulations, as an example.

Fuji likes to be in control of their overall images and there are some excellent software packages that can truly post process the exceptional Fuji files.  Programs like Capture One,  Picktorial 3.0 for the Mac,

But recently Fuji introduced a program for both Mac and Windows users using the latest Fuji X cameras. Fujifilm X RAW STUDIO.

This package allows the photographer to use the excellent in camera post processing engine, right on their computers and that’s a lot more efficient than working from an LCD on the back of a camera. It actually does use the internal post processing capability in current Fuji X camera models and the


FUJIFILM GFX 50S: Ver.2.00 or later

FUJIFILM X-E3: Ver.1.20 or later

FUJIFILM X-H1: Ver.1.00 or later

FUJIFILM X-T2: Ver.3.00 or later

FUJIFILM X-Pro2: Ver.4.00 or later

FUJIFILM X-T20: Ver.2.00 or later

FUJIFILM X100F: Ver.2.00 or later

While Fuji X Raw Studio is not meant to completely replace other raw processors, It can be a very effective stand alone program or as a partner along with them by providing accurate renditions of the Fuji simulations along with enhanced tonal corrections.  It can become, a quick and accurate and creative first step in a post processing environment.

Instructional User Guide

What do I see as the pros for this first version?

  1. Precise editing on the computer utilizing Fuji’s X engine to preserve the true intent of their film simulations.
  2. Finite adjustments using all of the in camera adjustments.
  3. The ability to save a processing profile you like for later use or even better for batch processing.

What would I like to see made better or added?

  1. The ability to save files as DNG or TIFF beyond the current JPEG offering for the APS-C sensor cameras.  The medium format GFX files can be saved as TIFF so it makes no sense not to be able to do that for all cameras.
  2. It would be nice in this current day and age to be able to use software like this for IPad tablets and Android tablets via either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.
  3. Add cropping as a feature, even though it is not an in camera option.
  4. Have some kind of AC adapter that could slip into the battery compartment on the camera

4 thoughts on “Fuji X Raw Studio – A New and Different Approach To Post Processing – on it’s own or together with an additional solution

  1. I have no idea how good they are, I thought the Fujifilm one was way overpriced so I never have bought one, and not knowing how safe or reliable the third party ones are has put me off trying them. It would be so useful for using with X Raw Studio or Fujifilm PC AutoSave programs as well as using it for filming videos indoors

    If you do get one I hope you blog about your experience with it.

    1. Mal that is great news. That would solve a battery drain problem when hooked up to the computer. Thanks for that information. I shall add an addendum to the blog post. 🤓

      1. I found it here Mal.

        Have you actually used this or I know some one who has. I had never heard of it before so a review as to how it works or problems that could take place would be incredible information.

        It really will solve a possible power drain issue.

        Now if you can pull an IPAD PRO app out of your source of information it could put a great end to my day. 😏😏\

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