Rekindling the Romance of Black and White Photography

My Romance With Black And White

The other day I blogged about black and white photography and today I found a pretty great article on the web which goes quite a bit deeper.  It is a bit of a long read but worth the time you will invest in digesting it in total.  The previous article is here

It hits on points I did not make, especially what I would call the “romance” of doing black and white when I was a young man and the aesthetics that went along with the love of creating a wonderful and meaningful black and white final print.  Because the black and white print process was no where as complex as the color process of getting to a print I was able to do it almost anywhere.

As a matter of fact I can remember traveling in my Ehrenreich Photo (now Nikon) territory in Ohio.  I not only sold Nikon but also took care of the rest of the products lines that Ehrenreich offered.  One of those product lines was a complete darkroom solution.  I was leaving a dealer call when I noticed fire engines rushing down the road and right across the street from where I was a fire was blazing and fire persons were battling the blaze.  I whipped out my camera loaded with Tri X film and shot 36 exposures of the fire, the fire fighters and the collapsing wall of the building.  I went back to my hotel room and took the Durst enlarger, trays, chemicals, film tanks out of my trunk and set up a portable darkroom in my hotel bathroom.  (Note: see what the article I am linking you to describes), processed the film in the tank, dried it, and printed the images with the durst enlarger set up and the trays full of chemistry.  Finished the process, dried the prints and drove down to the local newspaper in the town I was in and turned the pictures over to them and they published them.

Sorry, had to get that story out of my system. I do love black and white.


Stuck in a rut? Bored with your photography? How about considering a romance with black and white photography? If you’re old-school this will take you back, if you’re new to b/w why not give it a try?!

Source: Rekindling the Romance of Black and White Photography


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