AND THE CYCLE CONTINUES AS Nikon cancels DL compact series citing high development costs: Digital Photography Review—-Edited and reposted

Wow.  First I thought I had logged on to a cyber comedy show that made fun of cameras.  Then I realized that I was not having a nightmare in my sleep.

Nikon has introduced a brand new “compact camera” 🙂 that weights about 3 pounds and sports an up to 3000mm lens using 1/2.3 tiny sensor to achieve that focal length.


I am not going to have a lot to say about this because growing up I was always reminded that if I have nothing nice or good to say about a particular thing then don’t say anything at all.  Okay, screw that.


What I will ask however is WTF (f=firggin) hell is Nikon thinking.  In a post that I am reposting below from a over year ago, Nikon could not afford to make what they called a product that they could not financially justify and discontinued what would have been the best compact cameras they had ever made.  As a matter of fact, they were so screwed up that they actually abandoned delivery of the product even after having taken orders all over the world for it.  AND HERE THEY ARE WITH REALLY STUPID ……..    Opps. I said something not good….

I’ll ask what a lot of loyal Nikon fans have asked for the last few years and that is where is your mirrorless camera and compact lenses?????  For a company in financial difficulty how can you be throwing your R&D and production into an ugly monster like this as opposed to what your users are actually asking for????

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The blog post below this line was written some time ago and it was based on announcements that Nikon would discontinue production of their excellent DL series of compacts that they NEVER DELIVERED.  AND NOW A COMPLETE TURN AROUND ABOUT A NEW “COMPACT ZOOM POINT AND SHOOT that makes not sense at all.


AND THE CYCLE CONTINUES AS Nikon cancels DL compact series citing high development costs

It was back in November 2016 that Nikon did what was unheard of in the walls of Nikon Inc., and downsized by 1000 personnel to help stop a leaking boat.

Now the exceptional, never delivered DL series of cameras is gone before it ever really got here.  They have had all kinds of excuses for why delivery could not happen and now they say it is too expensive.

Nikon says that the development costs had become too great to continue. A statement released today also mentions the company’s concern that it wouldn’t sell enough units to make up for the increased costs, due to a slow down in the market.

On top of all that they have had an extreme financial loss as stated in this article from DPreview.

I personally think the DL series had great consumer potential, if they had delivered  when they were supposed to.  I know a great many people looking to carry less and some were even willing to own both cameras in lieu of a DSLR outfit.  Sad.

What is even worse is the fact that Nikon was and is the only camera company not to embrace mirrorless cameras.  Unlike Leica, Hasselblad, Canon, Fuji, Olympus, Panasonic, Sony, and the list goes on.

And then there is the Key Mission 360 degree cameras.  Is this late to the party POV camera enough to pull up the Nikon losses?  Only time will tell.  In the meantime competition like GoPro and others have been showing declining sales of this type of product for several years now.  Who is steering the Nikon ship?

The camera manufacturers have been on the losing end for a while because of steep competition from the phone industry.  But no matter what any one says, the phone concept as being a main camera for the serious photographer is BS.

In my opinion he quality of images from terrific stand alone cameras is still greater, better, and necessary if consumers are going to do the smart thing and print their images instead of goo gooing  over them in front of a tablet, phone, or computer monitor which don’t offer what a good print will always offer.


Nikon has officially put an end to the DL series. Announced just under a year ago, the three DL compacts would have had 1″ sensors, and were originally set to ship in June 2016. Read more

Source: Nikon cancels DL compact series citing high development costs: Digital Photography Review

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