Sad but true

I have spent a good part of my three quarters of a century either working for, or working with the journalism industry. For as long as I can remember and with few exceptions, there was always truths to be told and lies exposed by all of the news agencies and getting one’s daily dose of local and world events through print and radio and later television could be relied upon for relatively truthful representation of the facts.

But I have watched all of the sources that I had come to depend upon to help shape my opinions with honesty and truthful, as well as factual information have become more and more muted by the bullshit that social media spews everyday. It is a constant pounding of misinformation, especially in regards to outlets like Facebook, Google and Twitter. We have allowed them, because they have grown so uncontrollably huge to shape how we think and what we do.

While in some ways they have allowed us to stay in contact with people we care about over long distances, they have also allowed the intrusion of people we do not even know or will more than likely never care about into our personal lives and sadly it is not just people but it is groups of people from everywhere who are trying to jam down our throats false information, while at the same time attempting to and quite often succeeding in altering what our own beliefs and values are.

While doing all of this subtle but deceitful furthering of false information they have also managed to steal away the advertising dollar that kept conventional outlets for news and truthful reporting alive. And they have done this because governments in the world or at least the western world have refused to administer rules and regulations that exist for these conventional news sources. That does not mean stifling freedom of the press anywhere or ever. It means that all news sources should be held to the same rules and regulations but because they are not, social media news sources have been allowed to run unhampered in the lies they spit out at us everyday. So it is time to bring them into the fold if only to keep them honest.

We already know that companies like Facebook, Google and Twitter have abused our personal information to the point that we get manipulated every minute of every hour of every day so they can put more and more money in their coffers.

Of course just like I can turn of Fox News or not read the Enquirer Publication I can turn off Facebook and Google as well as Twitter and I may but then their are a few personal friends I might lose some contact with,maybe. But that is what cell phones and email is for and quite honestly I would rather talk to someone than type into messenger which in reality is a cold method of communicating in the first place and truthfully just one more way for Facebook to keep one typing. And by the way, messenger is not secure either.

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