Are you using an Ipad that runs “TRUE TONE?”

What is True Tone?

True Tone is a relatively recent display feature on Ios devices that allows your iPhone or iPad’s display to adjust its color temperature based on the light of its current surroundings. Warmer light in the room leads to warmer colors on your display. 

It’s sort of great idea but not so great for folks who are processing images on the tablet and/or a computer with the anticipation that everything is going to look the same from device to device.  For months I have struggled to get images that I processed in Lightroom on the Ipad Pro, which would sync to Lightroom on my desktop or laptop via the Adobe Creative Cloud, to look the same.  Fortunately, I happened upon another photographers blog who had gone through exactly what I was going through.

The incredibly simple solution was to go into settings on the Ipad and scroll down to “Display & Brightness” settings, and under brightness shut off “True Tone.”  Now life is good and I can be looking at an image I just processed on the Ipad Pro in Lightroom Mobile CC and my 27 inch Apple Monitor hooked up to my laptop and the images are virtually identical.  And of course it works as well in the opposite direction, laptop to iPad.

By turning off “True Tone” you are effectively shutting down Auto White Balance so that there is a consistent level of color.  I know a great many photographers that shut off auto white balance in their cameras and set it to the daylight setting which provides consistent color as opposed to varying color image to image which can make editing a set of images easier.

The more I use my Ipad Pro 10.5 running the current Ios operating system, the less I am relying on my Macintosh computers.  That is not to say that the Mac or PC if that is what you use as a laptop or desktop, does not have a certain advantage.  They do!  There are software packages that simply do not and may never appear on tablets and most of them involve image processing.

But there are more than enough software packages for the mobile community of photographers to deal with any level of images they may have.  On the Ipad, I rely upon an Adobe suite of apps for processing images.  Whatever I work on is sent to the Adobe Creative Cloud and quickly synced to my Adobe Cloud on my laptops and desktop with all the changes I made to the image.  It does not mean I am an Adobe fan.  I am not.  But it works and works pretty darn good.  I still hate the Lightroom Library but a lot of folks love it.

Here is an image I quickly processed on my Ipad Pro which was on my desktop virtually immediately.

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