Simple sometimes is totally elusive

Yes!  It is I.  The wannabe minimalist and with both gear and post-processing.  It is I.

Sometimes and only because human nature dictates it, wanting something that will make one’s photographic life easier and simplified seems to become more and more elusive even though one thinks they are micro steps away from achieving the goal.

Because I suffer from chronic pains in a variety of places (weep) I was drawn to smaller and lighter photographic gear and that is why I use one Fuji X pro 2 camera body and three very small, compact prime lenses.  I take with me two batteries, two extra memory cards (the camera takes two) Zeiss cleaning packets and a lens cloth.  I keep a Gitzo carbon fiber tripod in the trunk of my car with a small Really Right Stuff ball head for those times when I am out and about that, I have no other option but to use it.  My camera bag is a Billingham Hadley Pro.  (I do like the Cosyspeed Sport bag for one camera and one lens at times as well.)

So it would seem that I have the camera gear and carry issue pretty well solved and that is quite true.

But of late after trying out lots of different software for “raw” files, I find myself in a quandary as to what better serves the need of a minimalist who generally shoots a pretty well-balanced image in regards to composition and exposure.  I have Adobe products such as Lightroom CC, Classic, and Mobile as well as other Adobe Mobil apps. I have Alien Skin X3 (soon to be X4) and of course Apple’s own software called Photo.

Adobe (who I am not in love with) is the only company that actually offers a true ecosystem through Creative Cloud which allows me to process on my Mac and/or Ipad Pro and transfer images via the cloud from one device to the other in a fully processed form or partially processed form.  And the tools offered are quite extensive and creative.

Alien Skin on the other hand only works on my Mac (my computer of choice) but offers, in my opinion, a much more simplified data management system for my Mac (or your pc).  The film-like presets are the best in the business and the overall controls of the program are excellent.

If I thought it would work out I would only use the Ipad Pro, store my images in the Apple Cloud and ultimately transfer them to some kind of a drive for back up, but there are simply issues that make that too convoluted way to work.  Now if Adobe could import into the Ipad directly and then allow me to store images wherever I wanted them to be, bypassing the Adobe Library which I hate then I could be one happy minimalist, but Apple won’t allow that (at least not yet and quite possibly never.)

If I truly want to be totally minimalist then the Fuji gear and the Ipad Pro 10.5 is the only way to go.  Hopefully, Apple and Adobe will put their heads together and come up with a solution that is workable for their customers.  Wouldn’t that be eventful?

So, simple is not all that simple and the perfect solution in part is still elusive.  Hey! How about Alien Skin making a mobile app just for me?

3 thoughts on “Simple sometimes is totally elusive

  1. Hi Elliott

    Have you stopped using Picktorial? I ran into a problem with it where it opened a file but created two images side by side in the window. It’s only on my MacBook not my iMac so may be a graphics processor issue. I raised the issue but had no solution to the problem and my last mails they haven’t responded to. Any ideas what’s happening with them. Such a promising piece of software.



    1. I ran in to the same problem Steve. Not with the images duplicating but some other minor issues, but their response is no where what it was when I first recommended the software. The software has some great promise but I am disappointed and can only think that they have not added anything like perspective control, etc. that they have run out of funds to continue on. I truly had great hopes for them because they were so responsive in the past. I actually had need to comnunicate with them a couple of weeks ago and have not heard back. Sad 😟


    2. Even if it was a graphics card issue, which I know they had issues in the past with like other companies, it is something I know for a fact they can address and deal with because they have done it in the past. I have a sick feeling in my stomach that they have moved on to other things.


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