One of the best digital Slr Cameras I ever used – Olympus 4/3 E1


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It almost seems like I used this camera before the stone age because it was only a bit over 5 mp.  This was a professional 4/3 sensor size camera while today’s modern and smaller versions are Micro Four Thirds.  The actual sensor is the same size but in smaller more compact bodies with a smaller lens mount and smaller lenses.

The lenses for the E1 were not small.  Well perhaps smaller than Nikon or Canon but not as small as they have today.  But the lenses were beautifully made and as sharp or sharper and more contrast than any of their digital competition of the era and perhaps today.

The reason I am writing about this camera is because of the images that I produced with it.  By today’s standard, the LCD on the back was really small, maybe 1.5 inches, but everything else was truly at a pro level.  And if you should walk into my office you will see images that I shot and printed say back when with this camera and a large format Epson printer, covering, and I mean covering the walls.  And the images that catch my eye every time are the ones shot with the Olympus E1 and various Olympus Zuiko lenses both prime and zoom.

Please make note that my current system. the Fuji X mirrorless produces better images than any other camera I used both past and present, but considering that the Olympus was a 5mp camera with a smaller than APS-c sensor, it sure is holding its own next to current day images.

One important point of interest is that the sensor in the camera was not what almost every sensor starts out as today namely Sony.  It was a Kodak sensor.  And for those who do not know or are too young to care, Kodak was the premier in camera sensor of the day because Kodak was making some of the finest pro Dslr cameras at the time and they had agreed to make a 4/3 sensor for Olympus.  It was outstanding.

Anyway now you have had a part of my history in blog form.  Have a great day.

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