She Was A Great And Perfect Example On Fighting To Live A Life

This was Calise, our beautiful Calico Cat.  She was about 21 years old and she arrived at my wife’s parents house when she was about 6 months old on Halloween.  As candy was being handed out to the neighborhood kids she was on the front steps with them but no one claimed her so she was instantly adopted by my in-laws, who have saved cats and dogs from danger for years.  Calise immediately became the Alpha cat, taking control of the other cats and dogs.

She had medical problems like diabetes and she got insulin twice a day for years and she had debilitating arthritis in her back legs and hips but she was a trooper and a wonderful example of doing everything to live her life.  She managed to work through all of her problems with the goal of bringing happiness to all of those who were fortunate enough to engage her.  When my father in law had passed away we adopted their cats including Calise.

Just the day before she had managed to summon the strength to come out to the living room where she got into her little pink bed that had her favorite toy in it and eventually made her way back to the bedroom where she stayed.  She had a whole bedroom to herself.

We did what we could to make her last days comfortable realizing that her time was near.  She had placed herself a little bit under a bed in her room and there she stayed. Ramona covered her with a small blanket to keep her warm.  Our Jack Russel, Ginger had crawled under the bed to be with her and I laid on the floor nearby letting her know I was there.  When she passed Ginger gave out a low cry and moan and stayed with her for quite a while.

All of us, Ramona, Ginger and I will miss this superstar.  We love you Calise and now you are with Ramona’s parents and free from all your ills.

4 thoughts on “She Was A Great And Perfect Example On Fighting To Live A Life

  1. Thank you for sharing your loss of your beloved Calise. She seemed to be a beautiful and loving cat and now she is over the rainbow, to be with all her ancestors. I myself had to put to sleep two lovely cats within 4 months, after I had go through a life time tragedy. I do know how hard it is to let go of the beloved one, when her/his time is up and both of them did literally let me know when it was their time. Meow from a cat lover and the new adopted cat, who has only three legs


  2. Dear Elliot & Ramona, I read your poignant and beautiful blogpost about Calise’s life and passing. My heart goes out to both of you. You gave Calise so much love and care she had no reason to leave this world until now. I know it hurts but she is not suffering so this must be of some peace and comfort. I will keep you both in my prayers for more of the same. Love, Betty

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  3. Hi, Elliot and Ramona. I’m so sorry both of you, and Ginger, have lost your precious friend Calise. She was a trooper, indeed. 😿

    Had you known, you could have called her Ms. Halloween. Quite a coincidence.

    Your article made me cry. My Kito is 19. She’s totally deaf, but she is my Kissy, Kuddly, Kid Kito and does quite well. She sleeps on MY pillow with me, despite having her very own pillow (she and I have had this conversation many times, to no avail) and we fall asleep cuddling. We lost her brother about 5 years ago, but Kito just keeps on keepin’ on. We have our rituals, which we both love.

    These sweet pets are a special part of our lives and our family. I’m glad you had so much good time with her. xoxoxo Dee


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    1. Thank you so much for your thoughts Dee. Ramona and I have kept up the goodness that Ramona’s parents displayed every day of their lives. Two years ago at the time of a very cold winter, a stunning totally black cat with gold eyes known as a Bombay arrived out back under our deck. It was so cold out that Ramona and I agreed to bring him in just till it warmed up. He is still in the house and he is a lover and happy. It turned out that he had been fixed when he was a kitten and that was something that Ramona’s parents did for stray cats. For a while, he and his sister lived in the house, but one day they got out a were gone. Somehow he found his way back into OUR hearts.

      Under our deck, there are three houses set up for the cats that Ramona’s dad had taken care of and we have kept up with feeding them and caring for them. In the winter Ramona got pet heating pads to put in their little houses to keep them warm. They don’t want to come in.

      Personally I love all these kids more than I do people. They give us some of the happiest moments of our lives. They are just so good and loving. We now have in house Ginger, Charlie (black cat), and Dora the Explorer (a very large cat that we adopted from Ramona’s parents when she was 8 weeks old.) Outside there is Mandy and Bandy and a new grey cat who is for now not named. 🙂

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