No Need To Spend A Lot Of Money On Professional Quality Flash Anymore.  Go Beyond Camera Manufacturers Flashes For Less….

On camera flash, over the years has evolved into virtually automatic systems providing acceptable control of light.  A whole industry has been built up around the flashes that camera manufacturers provide for the cameras.

For a while, this was the best you could get for doing your flash photography unless you were willing to go to metering your flash and setting things manually for very precise personal control.  Everything that was available was outrageous when it came to price.

Today there are Chinese companies that several years ago I would have snubbed my nose at. That is no longer the case.  One company, whose strobes I own have proven to have jumped ahead of the camera manufacturers in technology and features is Godox.  Their range of flash is extensive and for most brands can be TTL or manual and wirelessly controlled.

I spent my early years as a photographer which now seems to be so very very long ago hardly ever shooting flash with the exceptions of things like weddings. Even then I did more available light than flash.  It was not until much later when I was working for Nikon and Nikon introduced their excellent flash systems did I begin to use more and more flash.  But I became so dependent upon TTL (which is acceptable) that I no longer tried to manually control these light sources.

The article I reference in this blog may well help you change your mind and take the time to learn just how flash can change your photography.

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