You Have To Give A Damn – Damn it

A very close and dear friend had posted what is below on Facebook and I decided to copy this part of the conversation because it is so important for all decent Americans too stand up and be counted in a protest to the Washington establishment that what Donald Trump and his supporters are turning our country into.

It has become the pits of hell for so many Americans and for those who are seeking refuge from places of hate. The sad part is that they have run from hate into more hate perpertrated by our President and his followers and the whole republican political establishment. If you care about your future and the future of your country then you must act NOW.


Why don’t they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came. Then come back and show us how . . . it is done. These places need your help badly, you can’t leave fast enough.’’

These remarks came not from some barstool conversation but the President of the United States. These comments are racist, white nationalist, xenophobic, and un-American. They are dangerous and immature. Our fore fathers allowed for foreign born citizens to be elected and govern, because they were foreign born, as was most of our country. Immigration, leaving poverty and oppression for a better life is deep in our soul as a country. (BTW 3 of these Congresswomen were born here, and 1 is a naturalized citizen)

What could be worse than this? Silence. Silence from the Republican Party that is deafening. I don’t care what your political persuasion is, this, THIS is immoral. And you can not rationalize or justify this away because you like some of what he is doing or you want to WIN. You may win, but we – all of us, will lose that which is most dear – our soul, our country and our democracy.

For the love of God, open your mouths, don’t defend, don’t rationalize, don’t normalize this behavior. IT IS RACIST! And if you allow it to happen, then I have the right to question whether you are too.

Everyone, please not only vote, but write and stand up in anyway you can. Write to Republicans that are in your state or district. Write to your democratic reps and senators as well, both at the state and federal level. They need to know and hear from others than his base. They need to know what they stand to lose or my real fear is he can win in 2020. I was someone who was not surprised he won in the last election and I am very concerned he can win again. Please, please, don’t be complacent!! This is too IMPORTANT.

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