Has Hitler Been Reborn In The Body Of Donald Trump?

Last night, July 18th, 2019 as I listened to a cable news station broadcasting the Trump Rally in North Carolina, I sat in shock and dismay as I said to my wife that it reminded me of the old news reels of Adolf Hitler addressing the German people as they cheered in adoration of one of histories most disgusting mass murderers. This was the facist movement that led up to one of the worlds most terrible wars as good and decent peoples rose up to defeat the filth that facism had created.

Donald Trump, no matter how you feel about him, since before he came down the escalator from his ivory tower was a racist as was his father and as are his children.

If the American people to not turn against this hate and do something about Donald Trump and his corrupt family and administration will be swept into a terrifying downward spiral until our constitution, our declartion of independance are burned in Donald Trumps hell.


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