Mature Beauty: Photographer Celebrates the Beauty and Strength of Women Over 50 | Fstoppers

Over the last two years, photographer Pedro Oliveira has worked on a photo essay celebrating an underappreciated demographic, and the results are timeless.

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Most people I know today that I can photograph face to face are like me. OLD.  I have always loved photographing senior citizens, all my life, but have to admit that too often I look at photographs that have attempted to smooth them out, make them look younger, instead of reveling in the beauty that years of living and wisdom have altered how they look.
I have a friend who I saw recently at a photography show. He is active, strong, doing things that most people only dream of doing and yet he made an interesting comment to me. It was a comment that struck home as it does for many well aged, experienced people. He said for the first time in a long time he made eye contact with his full length mirror. He had said to himself “When did this happened?” He was referring to the lines in his face, marks on his skin, etc.
Pedro Oliveura has really captured the essence of aging in a very beautful way. While the images in this article show only women in all their wonderful glory, you can find more images by clickiing on the links that will take you to his galleries which have some incredible images of venerable men.
I really like this article.  This discusses photographing this beauty and stepping away from image processors to change what aging truly represents.

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