My Wife Made Me Leave The House-Mask and all

With the exception of driving 5 minutes from my house to the grocery store and the pharmacy, I have been in a self imposed stay at home since this pandemic began. I figure I am 77 years old, and just don’t want to push my luck.

But today, it was sort of cloudy and sort of not cloudy and the temperature got to 65 and my wife told me to grab my stuff because we were going for a ride, TOGETHER.

So off we went. Upon getting to the destination we put on our masks

I had already decided to not take my Fuji X100f and I was going to use nothing but my iPhone. Below are some images that I was able to take while keeping my six feet away from other human beings.

While it is still important to avoid large groups or any group, I knew the only person I would be near was my wife. We wore masks for protection. When we were done we washed our hands got back in the car and headed home.

It was really nice to get out although I felt terribly guilty in doing so. All of the images above were shot with an iPhone using the Moment app. All images were processed in Adobe Lightroom for the Ipad pro and took approximately 30 seconds per image. The iPhone as a still photography camera device was way too easy. I hope you like the results.

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