And then there are phone camera apps

And then there are phone camera app creators.  There are hundreds of really great apps that give you the abilities to capture images more creatively.

But there aren’t many, as a matter of fact very few that take the time to teach you photography techniques that will separate you from point and shooters to story tellers.  I found one that really caught my eye called ProCamera and decided to direct you to their YouTube’s for a nice, soft learning experience.

part one

part two

Focus and exposure

If you watch these videos and feel that this will enhance your mobile photography with this app then click on the creator ProCamera and watch them all.  Who knows you might even want to get the app just based on how good it is and how good the support is.


Hope you enjoy and please stay safe

2 thoughts on “And then there are phone camera apps

  1. Post-processing with a phone camera app is frustrating for me. It is sometimes hard to choose options AND my desktop programs like Lightroom, Photoshop, Topaz Studio, Nik Collections give me far more options than a phone camera app. I pull cell phone images into LR to include in my catalog and move on from there. Just my 2 cents… :>)


    1. I understand your frustration with trying to edit on a phone. I edit on an Ipadpro. There are a great many apps that are pretty darn advanced for the iPad including Lightroom, Darkroom, RNI films,Snapseed, etc. There are also shooting apps like Camera Plus 2 and ProCamera with their own editors which are very good. But the point here was not about editing but more about photographic knowledge. Also while a phone camera is not a mirrorless camera it is a photographic tool which in many ways is more advanced. Years ago I snubbed my nose in the air when it came to the quality a small sensor phone would produce. That is no longer the case.


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