And the Trump child has yet another tantrum.

I am not a fan of either Twitter’s or Facebook’s decisions when it comes to who get slapped and who does not. For way too long they have accepted the republican conservative rhetoric as untouchable while others who are posting real truths are punished. Their policies have allowed the trump puppet followers to get away with lies, slander, and over all false hoods and Trump and his clan have been the leaders. Trump threatens to ‘strongly regulate’ social media platforms after Twitter labels his tweets

Now that Trump has been kicked in the teeth by Twitter who came under public pressure to do so, he is THREATENING to more or less close them down in one way or another until they do HIS PERSONAL BIDDING and the bidding of the Republican blindingly loyal Trump.

His actions, his words are very much Russian and Chinese inspired. After all he loves their control over anything that takes away freedoms. He loves dictatorships.

If you get behind him with blind loyalty and say nice things about him you might be safe. If you do not support him or say things about him that upset him then beware of the what he might try to use against you from personal attacks to the use of what used to be an independent justice department.

As for Twitter and Facebook they have pretty much gotten in line behind him and this one instant of a slap on the hand is probably just that. A one time slap on the hand.

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