Blue Murder

After watching the videos that have been made available I am outraged, I am sick, I am more than insanely mad and angry. I find myself calling for the death penalty for this police officer who kneeled hard on a black mans neck as he gasped for air. With each gasping breath he said he could not breath. I find myself wanting the other officers that stood there condoning this brutality put on trial and convicted for being accomplices to murder.

The officer with his knee on this human beings neck did not give a damn, nor did the other officers standing around as they watched another black man die. Die my BLUE MURDER. What the hell is going on? Is it any wonder that the people of Minneapolis are rioting in the streets. White, brown and black people who are rightly outraged and fed up because this kind of racist murder is being done by those who have sworn to protect.

There has always been something wrong with the whole system but this is more than simply extreme actions, IT IS BLUE MURDER.

About the gentle giant the BLUE MURDER HAPPENED TO.

2 thoughts on “Blue Murder

  1. All for of them should be convicted and put into the general population at a state prison.





    1. You or so right. Most police are quite good at their jobs and do the right things. It is a murderous son of a bitch like him and those that let it happen that give a bad name to those who uphold their oaths to serve and protect.


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