Hidden in the New House Coronavirus Relief Bill: Billions for Defense Contractors — ProPublica – –

A section of the HEROES Act championed by Virginia Democrat Gerry Connolly would cover executive compensation and other perks for defense and intel contractors. The legislation’s wording mirrors what an industry group proposed.
— Read on www.propublica.org/article/hidden-in-the-new-house-coronavirus-relief-bill-billions-for-defense-contractors

Just when you think the house democrats are fighting for the every day tax paying citizens and small businesses you get a kick in the teeth from an article published by ProPublica about a congressperson from your own state who it seems is about as deceitful and corrupt as all the other politicians in the house and the senate.

ProPublica is a straight down the middle when it comes to politics. They have no problem holding either republicans or democrats feet to the fire and that is exactly what they are doing to Gerry Connolly.

Read and weep as to just how you are being screwed. Read and weep how big business contractors and big business in general gets the benefit of your taxes, the same taxes they probably do not pay.

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