The heart breaking CNN interview with a black host commentator

This week a murder was committed. The victim was a black man. This is nothing new. It is not the first time. Sadly it probably won’t be the last time. This time, once again the murderer was a police officer and there truly seemed to be no apparent reason.

This commentator and his words and his emotion is something that every white person should listen to. I mean every white person, just like me. If this does not break your heart and reset your priorities then I feel there is no hope for true equality and justice in the United States and all the words in our constitution are just that. Words that have lost their meaning as America loses its soul.

One thought on “The heart breaking CNN interview with a black host commentator

  1. This is another casualty of another kind of epidemic. One that is a public health crisis all on its own. I cannot understand why these former policemen are not in jail awaiting justice. I don’t understand why the attorney general there is not being asked this question by the press every five minutes until he takes action.
    I Kentucky the police who killed black woman in a no-knock raid are not only still at large but being paid by the taxpayers.


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