After Trump via Twitter and Facebook and Instagram called for violence against protestors Guess What happened

Twitter flagged Trump statements but did not remove them. Obviously twitter is shaking in its boots since Trump threatened them.

Facebook, headed up by the punk Zuckerberg as well as Instagram did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO TELL TRUMP, NO NO YOU CANNOT DO THAT.

For a lot less Facebook has shut me down for days for telling the truth about Trump and what I think of him and yet they do nothing to Trump as he incites violence in Minneapolis.

My question because of Facebooks actions I have to ask the question, what took place in the people oval office when punk Zuckerberg VISITED TRUMP, AND EXACTLY WHAT WAS DISCUSSED ABOUT HIS PRESIDENCY.

It seems obvious to me that Zuckerberg has real conservative leanings and he has weaponized those leanings to the benefit of republicans

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