The use of a knee means different things to different people

The image below is the police officer in Minneapolis who murdered George Floyd by placing his knee on his neck for seven to nine minutes until all the life was drained from his body. Then he kept his knee on George Floyd’s neck for a couple of more minutes after he knew he was dead. There is incredibly horrifying to any one who has seen the video. His name is Derek Chauvin. There were three other officers who watched this happen and did nothing to stop murderer Chauvinare are complicit and deserve to be arrested, put on trial and put in jail. The latest news is that murderer Derek Chauvin HAS BEEN ARRESTED and so far he is arrested for man slaughter and third degree murder.

It seems to me that there are incidents of murder, violation of civil rights every time I turn on the news. They are all disgusting but this one was especially so.

The image below is of Mr.Colin Kaepernick who took a knee in protest for the injustices done to black people in the united states. And because he protested he lost his career, his chance to play football, because the NFL deemed it necessary to appease a racist president donald trump.

He took to his knee to support all those who have faced discrimination because of their color and was punished for it and tolerated the filth that came from Trump mouth and twitter puke.

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