And back on earth chaos-but in space history once again was made by our astronauts

With great enthusiasm I watched the launch of the SpaceX/Nasa Dragon Endeavor as well as the docking of those astronauts and the space craft to the International Space Station. I watched Americans and Russians working together with one goal and that was to get the two American space travelers on board the space station safely.

This should have been the only news all over the world. For the first time in years, American astronauts launched from American soil in a rocket and ship built with the effort of both government and commercial enterprise.

But while millions watched this on social media including myself, it was hard to really scream and jump up and down about such a feat because all of this was over shadowed by the videos of another black man being killed by a defective cop. We got to this cop put the full weight of his body via his knee on this man, this human being until the life went out of him while three other defective cops watched and did nothing to stop this killer. All of this was caught on video in Minneapolis, Mn. Minneapolis law enforcement and the National guard as well as state officials have been totally useless and in most cases have caused more problems just through their comments and actions.

There has been outcries across the country through protests throughout the United States which sadly have been infiltrated in some cases by radical players who brought with them the ability to incite both violence and destruction across the country. The non president has done little to calm the country which is going through a pandemic, unemployment, and for sure racism and as a matter of fact throughout his first term has been a catalyst for far right white national groups to come into the daylight to create hate and havoc and chaos. And he loves it.

What is very disconcerting is the violence and destruction and looting that is taking place everywhere. If protestors wanted to get justice for black victims this is not the way. Destroying small business, burning police cars, burning down buildings, and causing harm to others just is not the way. I understand the feeling of anger and despair over how people of color are treated in the United States and how unfair the whole justice system is for people of color. It is not right and never ever has been right. But violence is not the answer.

But unlike Charlottesville where he called the white nationalists, the KKK and other hate groups really nice people. Now he and puppet Barr say it is the Antifa democratic left wingers that are causing the problems across the country he he will designate them as terrorists. (Which he cannot do by the way) but would never consider neo nazis, white nationalist militias and the like in that way. After all they are really nice people according to Trump.

In the meantime it seems that all concerns for the virus that is plaguing the United States with over 104000 dead so far has gone from the minds of people protesting as they virtually unmasked and for sure not distant from each other. Hope for the best.

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