May 30, 2020 – Letters from an American – HEATHER COX RICHARDSON -Beware when Barr and Trump are fanning the flames of discontent

It is too early to know what is actually happening inside the protests and riots happening in cities across the country, especially Minneapolis, after the murder of George Floyd by police officer Derek Chauvin there on Monday. That is, we know there are protests and looting and violence, but who is doing what remains unclear, and will stay unclear for a while. There are plenty of videos and tweets, but they can only give us windows into events, not a full picture.
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This article from Heather Cox Richardson as usual calmly lays out the facts that attempt to make every day events in our nation more digestible.

And you do not have to read between the lines to understand that the riots that are now taking place have given both Barr and Trump the perfect distraction they needed to take our minds off the C19 virus, the economy, the recently released Flynn phone conversations, all of which are driving Trump and his poll numbers crazy.

Barr has even gone to the cockroach level of blaming the democrats for the inciting violence and the riots at all the different locations. Never mind that the president of the United States is doing that from his podium of power.

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