Letters from an American, Heather Cox Richardson – June 2, 2020

I cannot watch anymore, but I must.  I can’t listen anymore, but I must.  i cannot read anymore, but I must.  I cannot post anymore, but I must.  I cannot be angry anymore, but I am.  I cannot be disappointed in today’s America, but I am.  I should not be tired anymore, but I am.

I have lost faith in my country, my government, our justice system.  

Last night I watched row after row of military hardware move through the nations capital in disgust and internal fear that Trumps desire to become a dictator could be right around the corner.

Two nights ago I watched peaceful demonstrators and domestic and foreign news media assaulted by government troops as military black hawks flew low over head.

Is our democracy, what has made this country great coming to and end?  If you allow Trump and his republicans and his storm troopers march over our rights, then our time as the greatest nation on earth is over.

I shall keep posting because it is the only way to express by sadness, anxiety, anger about what is happening. I am 77 and I would love to join everyone in the streets of America, but I physically cannot. But I can type. I can post and I shall keep posting.

Heather Cox Richardson

10 hr233

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