Reporters and Photo Journalists in danger in the United States THANKS TO TRUMP RHETORIC “the media is the enemy of the people”

In my past life I worked with a lot of photo journalists who had put their lives on the line to bring imaging from nations far away in conflict to the American people. They always knew as they know today that when traveling in war zones throughout the world they could become seriously injured, abused, jailed and perhaps killed by foreign militaries.

I know for the most part, none of them ever felt that they were in danger on American soil, in American cities. But all of that has changed thanks to Donald Trump, his family, and his republican marionettes calling the press the enemy of the people which some nasty folks out there that includes police thinks that gives them the right to attack physically a free press.

Everything that is protected under the constitution is being ripped away by Trump and his totally useless republican cohorts and the religious right who he sucks up to every minute of every day.

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