Zuckerberg – Full of crap – conservative leaning with different sets of rules for different posters

Facebook has only one goal and that is to make more and more money. He could not care about truth in content, and has his own versions of the truth. While he and his company punish everyday posters who write truth to power, especially Trump power as president, he does not punish the disgusting things that Trump and his goons post. He is very right leaning and while he should be non political with his social media company, he is not.

He has made all kinds of promises and kept very few of them. Now his own personnel are up in arms over his handling of Donald Trump and his abusive posts and this will be the test as to whether Facebook can be considered a viable social media company. If they do not pull down Trumps and his cohort republican puppets nasty comments and posts then they should quite simply not punish anyone else.


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