From Heather Cox Richardson – trump blinks? It’s all about re election – Trump screws over LGBTQ community and at the same time a woman’s right to choose all to suck up to his evangelicals

And this is a quote

“”The Christian Medical Association, the anti-abortion Susan B. Anthony List, and the right-leaning Heritage Foundation all applauded the move, which is due to take effect by mid-August.”. I guess power is what these groups really stand for…. a sense of being able to influence something.. Funny, they all want to reduce government control except in the bedroom and regarding people’s bodies. Defining LGBTQ people as a problem to be dealt with by law is insane. Reducing abortions requires finding and making available alternatives, not passing unenforceable laws! I never cease to be amazed at what negative assumptions about the nature of mankind, and the notion that the Bible… and other scripture, are legal Constitutions, rather than libraries of inspirational literature, lead to such inhuman abuse.””

Personally, I am so done with religion and the control it now has over the government. There is no way evangelical hypocrites should have any power in government in order to influence how Americans should live. Republicans have embraced the religious right and their archaic concepts and if you have any smarts at all you will vote these lying trump hypocrites out of office.

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