Exactly what did he do that caused a police officer to kill him? I do not get it! What I do get is that something is wrong with police training

I have to question exactly, what took place. Of course this does not show the whole confrontation but I do know that everything seemed pretty calm until they tried to cuff him for being under the influence of alcohol.

He was cooperative. Te police knocked on his car window. He moved his car as requested. He answered their questions. He agreed to a pat down for weapons and there were none. They gave him two tests for alcohol and he did not pass those. Then they tried to cuff him and he panicked. Considering recent and yes past histories his panic was probably justified. Their was a scuffle, he ran with a police taser (non deadly weapon), he was shot dead. This whole thing could have been deescalated if the police were properly trained. Were they? I have my doubts. Why could they have just tried to put him in the police car? Were cuffs really necessary? Maybe? But he seemed peaceful up until then.


And I have a really important question to ask. Why didn’t the Wendy’s owner or manager come out to see what was wrong. What if it was actually a medical emergency or worse a man dead from a heart attack, or some other serious medical issue? Why? Why call the police? Why not call 911 and report what might be a medical emergency? Why not?

None of this had to happen and quite honestly I put this on the manager/owner of this Wendys who could have resolved the whole incident by coming out from behind a window and finding out what the REAL PROBLEM WAS. THIS MAKES ME SICK.

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