Traitors to America

Trump and Pence are traitors. They are both puppets so Russia and Putin, perhaps of someday being able to live in Russia like kings some day. Or worse making the USA a satellite of Russia with Putin in control. Let’s see. Russians hire hit men in Afghanistan to kill American soldiers, and yet knowing all that Trump and Pence want Russia to be invited to the G7 and become a member once again. Trump want to remove over 9000 troops from Germany who are part of Nato. Trump wants to bring home the troops from Afghanistan. ALL OF THIS AFTER HE AND PENCE WERE BRIEFED IN MARCH THAT CONTRACTS WERE PUT OUT ON THE LIVES OF AMERICAN MILITARY PERSONNEL———-Anyone else would have taken action almost immediately.———-When Putin said he did not interfere in the 2016 elections we know he lied and we know he is lying now about not hiring hit men.

Trump and Pence are traitors to the American people, our constitution, our values.

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