Finally! A systematic way to keep your smartphone cameras and accessories at the ready.

COSYSPEED, an innovative and prominent photo industry accessory designer and manufacturer has introduced a pouch system for smartphone photographers and filmmakers

I’ve been using Cosyspeed products for several years.  It was the most convenient system of bags for working with small mirrorless cameras and lenses and it really made my life pretty easy. So it was inevitable that they would bring to market the first and the best carry system for mobile phone photographers called the PhoneSlinger series.

With the modular PHONESLNGER SERIES, they developed the world’s first pouch system for smart phone photographers and filmmakers who would like to carry their expensive smartphones and accessories with them in a comfortable and reliably protected manner, close at hand at all times and ready to record stills and video.

Filming and taking pictures with a smartphone has become the go to method of capturing memories with still and video and in many cases has become part of professional photographers gear requirements.  There have been full length movies made solely with smart phones.

The rapid technical development of smartphone cameras in recent years allows photos and films to be of a quality that, at first glance, is hardly distinguishable from professionally produced material.

RAW format and 4K video, the use of multiple lenses and artificial intelligence are now common features of the smartphone. Numerous apps enable mobile image editing and video editing and specialized apps enhance camera performance on your smartphone. The results can be published directly onto Instagram, YouTube or other social media platforms without wasting time. This is an aspect that is particularly important to influencers and world travelers. 

Accessories, such as special lenses, gimbals and tripods for smartphones, also contribute to the fact that smartphone cameras can increasingly be used to meet professional demands.

There have not been any practical products like these smart phones and accessories pouches like the multitude used for SLR, system and compact cameras, until now.  The best smartphone camera is of no use if the user has to struggle to  fish it out of his/her jacket pocket or backpack, thereby missing a once-in-a-lifetime photo moment.  There has not been a bag system that is compact and functional enough to wear that would give instant access to your smart phone, lenses, microphone, and mounting gear.  NOW THERE IS.

All PHONESLINGER pouches can be attached to any belt, backpack or the optional FLOWBELT strap with the integrated, double-secured belt loop. The  FLOWBELT can be worn over the shoulder as well as at the hip and offers two attachment points for the innovative smartphone pouches. Its security closure can only be opened with both hands and the hidden zip pocket and ID card, credit cards and travel documents can be stowed away in the best possible way in the hidden zip pockets. Built-in Polyethylene plates provide high wear comfort and stability, additional D- rings allow for additional accessories to be attached. 

The optional BELTPAD extends the system and creates additional attachment points on the FLOWBELT. The BELTPAD can also be used separately to attach the smartphone and accessory pouches to the belt in a lower position. This is especially handy when wearing a sweater or jacket that make it difficult to access the pouches.

With the flexible PHONESLINGER system from COSYSPEED, sophisticated smartphone photographers and filmmakers assemble their optimal solution themselves and carry smartphones and accessories safely, comfortably and at close hand at any time.

PHONESLINGER products are SGS-certified for fair working conditions and environmentally friendly production and are available from the COSYSPEED online shop as well as select specialist retailers. The system is continuously expanded with additional components.

The components of the PHONESLINGER system

• PHONESLINGER Power – pouch with integrated power bank and wireless charging function for a smartphone, hidden inner pocket for cards and ID cards

• PHONESLINGER Prime – pouch for one smartphone and up to 4 smartphone lenses

• PHONESLINGER Outdoor – pouch with extra strong protection for rough outdoor usage, hidden inner pocket for cards and ID cards

• PHONESLINGER Stuffbag for everything you like to have at your fingertips: Keys, sunglasses, handkerchiefs, ID, credit card, travel documents, etc.  I keep my tripod phone mount, microphone, Luma Mini Light, lens cloth, and arca swiss plate.

• FLOWBELT – safe and expandable strap with two integrated attachment points for pouches, hidden inner pocket for cards and ID cards

• BELTPAD with mounting point for a PHONESLINGER pouch


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