My weekend with the Cosyspeed Phone Slinger outfit / Really the Perfect Mobile Phone Carry Solution

This weekend in Virginia was quite hot, very muggy, and downright uncomfortable. I do my best to be a minimalist when it comes to photography gear mobile phones have enabled me to get out and about quickly without a bunch of heavy gear.

In all honesty, it was a couple of years ago that I transformed my multitude of cameras and lenses to one device and it was the Fuji X100F and it is still one of my favorite cameras to use but the desire to be even more of a minimalist was driving me a solution that a purist might never consider. I began to concentrate on mobile phones and a few accessories and they have helped me make an incredible transition. These devices have allowed me to be creative in many ways that conventional camera gear did not. And the term conventional is a bit out dated when you consider that more images exist today thanks to mobile smart phones.

I tried belt cases, shooters vests, camera bags (small), waist packs, wrist straps, etc. but none gave me ready access to what I needed quickly. After all having a smart phone should enable me to quickly grab and shoot in a split second. While all of those things provided that capability they did not provide a systematic approach until Cosyspeed developed the Phoneslinger products.

The three ways that one can use the system which is comprised of several different attachable and removable components to wear several modules on a waist/chest belt designed to go either around one’s waist or across one’s chest. That’s two ways. The other way is wear a couple of modules on your own belt. Either way you are going to have access to your smartphone, and extra lenses if you have them, as well as a few accessories, all quickly accessible.

On July 4th I used the waist / chest belt across my chest which gave me quick grab and shoot capability as well as a simple way to change the Moment add on lenses when I needed them for either wide, macro are tele operation. In the stuff bag module I had my tripod phone mount, a Luma Mini Light, and a grip handle as well as a variable ND filter and Polarizer filter.

Today, July 5th, at a small gathering I used the Phoneslinger wireless battery module which charges my phone while it is in the case and on my pants belt. The camera is placed in a Polar Lightchaser phone case which has a grip as well as the ability mount a Variable ND filter or Polarizer specially designed for the case. On this day I have opted out of using extra lenses. But the nice thing is that using the Phoneslinger system I am able to adapt it to what ever shooting method I want to use at the moment.

Without a doubt this is the most versatile mobile phone carry system for the mobile phone photographer and videographer on the market and I am glad I made the decision to try and it. It is the perfect solution.


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