Trump bullied, harassed, intimidated, and retaliated in only the hateful ways a Trump can. Donald Trump is a TREASONOUS president and will hopefully pay for his misdeeds

Viddman said “I would be fine for telling the truth.” Well the truth did not set him free but made him a prisoner within the politics of the United States Army and the treasonous Donald Trump who not only has sold out everyone with an opposing opinion from his but this entire country except for his ignorant loyal racist followers. It sickens me to no end and it saddens me to know end, and it angers me to know end. It is time to take America back from the criminal enterprise that Trump and his family have set up. It is time to take back the peoples house and throw the Trumps to the streets and the sit piles of history.

I know longer have any faith in the United States Army or for that matter any part of the Pentagon hierarchy who are cowards and will not stand up to the infantile draft dodger, traitor, mental case called Trump.

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