Too Much Is Never Enough – A must read

I bought the audible version of this book. I did this not because I don’t like to read, which I do, but as the years of added up for me at 77 my eyes tire and become watery and that makes reading the written word at times uncomfortable. But thanks to audible books I can enjoy books like this one and at the same time get the real voice inflections from the author herself.

While I am very aware of Donald Trumps mental insufficiencies I was not aware as to how he really got to be as mentally disturbed as he is.

This book opened to portals to a family history of total dis functionality within a family that I would never have thought possible. I know that know that no family is perfect just as no human being is perfect, but this goes beyond anything I would have thought reasonable in any family.

This book is long, and at times drawn out which made me like the audible version so much more. I have listened to it three times and I have hung on every word Mary Trump speaks three times and so much of it is roaming around in my head.

All I can say is that I am thankful to my parents and my entire family and friends I have had in my life. I never gave much thought how to how wonderful normal is until I listened to her spoken words.

And now I know how much danger we are all in because of how damaged Donald Trump really is.

All versions of this book are available on Amazon. Kindle, written, audible. If you decide on audible, you do not have to sign up for a membership. You can just get this one recording.

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