Fred Trump’s Dysfunctional Family Reborn

first there was Fred Trump who spawned a total dysfunctional family. He would be proud that his choice to succeed in life by giving him millions of dollars, Donald Trump has spawned an identical set of slimy creatures to carry on the disgusting blood line. Add to that Sir Kushner, who is a spineless as an earth worm and we have the most danger this country has ever been in

One thought on “Fred Trump’s Dysfunctional Family Reborn

  1. Elliot, First there was the grandfather, Frederick Trump, who was a draft dodger from Bavaria and made his initial fortune in the Pacific northwest with, among other business interests, a brothel. He went back to Bavaria to get a wife and was deported. In Queens, New York, he purchased real estate. He died at the age of 49 of the Spanish Flu in1918. His wife carried on the business as Elizabeth and Son, Real Estate. The son, of course, was Fred.


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