“July 22, 2020 – Letters from an American – Heather Cox Richardson”———-We are on a cliff

This is not the first time our democracy has been threatened but in my 77 years on earth it is the most serious attack I can remember. It was always about enemies from other countries, but now it is about enemies to our democracy from within. I thought Nixon and Wallace as politicians would forever be the worst politicians to seek power over people but I was wrong. Donald Trump and his republican terrorists, his traitors, his obscene cool aid drinking followers, are destroying our country and in turn are pitting Americans against Americans in ways I never thought possible.———

We are in a lot more than basic troubling times. We are on the edge of a cliff, pushed to extremes that could easily send us tumbling from that cliff into oblivion if we allow this worst excuse for an American president to continue in an office run by fear and racism like we have never seen before.

“Today Trump announced that he will send federal agents to Chicago and Albuquerque, New Mexico, as part of his push to advance the idea that he is a “LAW & ORDER” president. Trump insists that “violent anarchists” allied with “radical left” Democrats have launched “a shocking explosion of shootings, killings, murders and heinous crimes of violence.” “This bloodshed must end,” he said. “This bloodshed will end.””
— Read on heathercoxrichardson.substack.com/p/july-22-2020

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