Heather Cox Richardson – “”August 3, 2020 – Letters from an American”””Link…….. The American democracy seems to be spinning like an out of control carousel at an amusement park. The question is how do you intend to get off this Trump terror ride before it is too late. As Trump moves forward to damage our voting system in an attempt to get a last nail in the coffin second term we could be in the midst of a real shit storm that will take America down. This is TRUMP following PUTIN’S ORDERS. TRUMP IS A TRAITOR AND ALL STOPS MUST BE PULLED OUT TO END THIS TRAITOR.

Both the administration’s disastrous response to the coronavirus and looming legal troubles are putting pressure on the president. Yesterday, Dr. Deborah Birx, the advisor to the White House on the coronavirus pandemic, warned we are entering a “new phase” of the disease as it is “extraordinarily widespread.” Today, Trump accused Birx of crumbling under House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s criticism of her usually upbeat presentations about the crisis. “So Crazy Nancy Pelosi said horrible things about Dr. Deborah Birx, going after her because she was too positive on the very good job we are doing on combatting the China Virus, including Vaccines & Therapeutics. In order to counter Nancy, Deborah took the bait & hit us. Pathetic!”
— Read on heathercoxrichardson.substack.com/p/august-3-2020

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