Mobile Phones in the world of over accessorizing or GAS*

Mobile Phones in the world of over accessorizing or GAS*

I have spent over 70 years being involved in photography and have only recently embraced the value and accessibility and functionality that a camera phone can give me.

I have probably owned 8 different, relatively complete camera systems, and I have gleefully added many pounds of accessories including way too many lenses that more or less never saw the light of day.  But I had them just in case.

Over the years I have managed to get rid of a lot of stuff, over and over again and only in the past 10 year have I really worked on being a minimalist and have been pretty darn successful.  I now have one “camera.”  It is a Fuji X100f and a flash and that is it for what folks consider to be a “real camera.”  It has one lens that is part of the body and it is equal to a 35mm 2.0.  It serves me well for the way I like to shoot and have always liked to shoot.

But that camera is not always with me, where my mobile phone with a series of lenses built in is always with me.  By any standard it is truly minimal.  I say that sucking on my lip.  Before I continue however I am not screaming from the roof tops that a mobile phone should replace things like a range finder, Dslr, Mirrorless style of camera.  Not at all.  But in todays world however, mobile phones, especially my iPhone are more than capable of producing incredible images and videos and that is at a moments notice.

So where am i going with all of this you ask.  Simple. Because I grew up in the era of GAS* and because old habits die hard and because mobile phone photography was something relatively new to me I found myself going from mobile phone minimalist to mobile phone accessory freak with no less than 8 pounds of gear.  I mean a phone does not way much of anything until your GAS* explodes all over your house. 

What is GAS? It is Gear Acquisition Syndrome.

It basically means you cannot stop yourself from adding in every friggin’ to that every accessory company can make whether you need it or not and I am here to warn you that you are heading for mega confusion if you get sucked into this.

If you are fortunate to own a good mobile phone with a great camera, it should really be more than enough to accomplish the photographic and video tasks you have in mind.   Of course if you consider yourself becoming the greatest movie maker in the world or most accomplished still photographer in the world then what can I say.  But if you are simply going to want to create some great looking video or stills then think minimal and ready for that so called “decisive moment.”

What you need:

  • 1-Phone with a camera of course
  • 2-A case for the phone (1)
  • 3-A phone holder for mounting the phone on a mini tripod or other support.  It would be nice if the phone holder had a cold shoe.
  • 4-Possibly an add on macro lens.  They are available as clip on.
  • 5-Lens cleaning cloth.  A must.
  • 6-External battery for juicing up the phone if needed
  • 7-Small Table top tripod
  • 8-Maybe a carry bag (2)

That’s it.

Do you need to have any extra stuff. A big no.  The less the better.  Stay minimal.

  1. You might want to add a couple of lenses such as a wide and tele.  Depending on the Eco System you choose there will be a phone case with a mount for those lenses.  My lenses are Moment lenses.  There are less expensive lenses.
  2. Bag.  I use either the Peak Design small sling 5n. But most of the time I either put stuff in my pockets or use the Cosyspeed phone carry system.

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