Everyone else be damned. Hasidic New York and Israel are Covid 19 spreaders

I am an American first, and I am a third generation jEWISH American. Some of you may know that Jews have several levels of observation and the Orthodox Hasidim are the most strict in their following of he religion. I just wanted to get that out of the way.

My level is the most liberal as is the majority of my families history. I have a great deal of disdain for the Hasidim as I have found them to be incredibly intolerant with their only concerns is the survival of their clusters. They do not feel that society rules apply to them and therefore do their best to disregard what the rest of us try to adhere to.

There are many things about them which I shall not get into because it is not appropriate, but in certain areas of New York, Brooklyn, Queens, Upstate New York they have established communities where only their rules are followed and they do not care how their actions affect other communities around them.

That is why the spread of Covid 19 is exploding in their ghettos, just like it is in Israel. Because they do not give a damn.

This riot in New York in their communities was started by a Hasidic Trumpster politician. That says it all.


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