And then the world blew up

Donald Trump on his own and via the covid 10 virus has given Putin and his Russia everything they have ever wanted which is the destruction of the American democracy and way of life. 

He has made our military weaker, our health system in total chaos, our economy failing, one in seven Americans in food lines hoping to get meals for their families, quarter of a million people dead due to incompetence of the federal government under Trump and the republicans, over one hundred million testing positive under Trump and republicans.

Russia and Putin don’t need weapons to bring us down, not when we have Donald Trump and is republican minions to bow to everything they ever wanted.  

In the meantime our allies no longer trust us and more than likely will never trust that from one president to the next our allegiance to them will be trusted.  We have shown them who we are and it will take a very long time if ever for trust to be earned.

As for the economy, Asian nations seem to nicely recovering while western nations, USA and EU especially are in the throws of ever increasing numbers because of the governments of those nations failure to be able to mandate and enforce how their populations will adhere to the varied rules and regulations splattered all over the place. 

It is amazing how easy it was to pull one tile out of this stack and cause the whole stack to collapse.


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