traitor – In the future the name of Donald Trump will be added to the definition of TRAITOR.(treɪtər )Word forms: traitorsCOUNTABLE NOUNIf you call someone a traitor, you mean that they have betrayed beliefs that they used to hold, or that their friends hold, by their words or actions.[disapproval]Some say he’s a traitor to the peace movement.Synonyms: betrayer, deserter, turncoat, deceiver More Synonyms of traitorCOUNTABLE NOUNIf someone is a traitor, they betray their country, friends, or a group of which they are a member by helping its enemies, especially during time of war.…rumors that there were traitors among us who were sending messages to the enemy.

It is time to remove Trump from the White House in handcuffs and leg irons and ready him for trial for treason against the American people, their government, and the United States of America. He needs to be removed now by any means if we are to save our nation and our people.

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