Trump’s assholes, for months and months have done nothing but watch people die, put into turmoil our economy, and now in their final moments are doing everything to set up road blocks to prevent the smooth transition of power to president elect Biden and Vice President elect Harris. Their disdain for America and the American people is astounding, disgusting, vicious and in the end will in turn leave the republican party to face the anger of decent people everywhere. Biden and Harris and their very capable team will have there hands full picking up the crushed pieces of our nation after Trump is dragged from the white house. Sadly his supporters in the house and senate will remain to block the good things that the democrats will want to accomplish and I can only hope those like Linsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, and way too many others somehow lose their power, which is all that matters to them, by having Georgia replace republicans with democrats in the senate. I once said about our current Whitehouse, it is not over till its over and it is not yet over.

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