Israel. Friend? Probably not.

In 1967 Israel attacked an American technology ship and killed and wounded many American Navy personnel. The attacked it by air and by sea for no reason non stop even though they were asked to stop. If this is what our allies do to us just imagine what our enemies will get away with. This of course is history, but Israel has not proven to be a great friend, just a great recipient of American aid.

And now we have sent back one of their spies who was convicted 30 years ago for spying for Israel and STEALING SOME OF GREATEST SECRETS. Israel has now welcomed him home after Trump did the criminal prime minister of Israel a favor. The prime minister as well as Israel itself has welcomed him home with accolades and cheers. Accolades and cheers to a criminal who endangered the security of the United States.

I am Jewish but I have long abandoned any care, liking, or support for Israel over the years. Over the last 30 years I have come to not trust them or look upon them with respect. I am almost 78 years old.

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