A note to Vice President Pence

You have been foolishly loyal to Trump for four years while he was never loyal to you.  You were a pawn in his chess game to be moved at his pleasure.

Even now you refuse to enact the 25th amendment, knowing that you are serving as the pawn of a mad want to be king who has proven to be a clear and present danger to the United States of America and its citizens.

He has incited insurrection, had his deplorable minions march on congress, invade the capital and cause the death of 5 American citizens including a brave capital police officer.  And with all this you still refuse to enact the 25th amendment.

And while he incited the violent mobs to march to the halls of congress he also made note of the fact that he was not to happy with you as his Vice President.  And because of that there was a gallows erected in the capital with cries to HANG PENCE.  He had his violent mobs call for your DEATH.

And while the capital was attacked, you had to run for shelter, with your family and others.  Yes he it your family in harms way as well.


I know your religious beliefs would have you turn the other cheek.  Well wake up man.  You can no longer subscribe to that when your life is on the line as well as your family and as well as all the decent and respectable American citizens.

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