Coming Full Circle with my Fuji X system

I was getting to write an article and it was going to be titled…COMING FULL CIRCLE WITH THE FUJI X SYSTEM…That is until I read an article on the Digital Camera World web site written by David Cleland and his experiences.

I started with the Fuji line of cameras back in 2010.  Prior to that I owned Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, and Panasonic system products all of which were very capable image makers.

The first Fuji X camera that came to market was the X100, fixed lens mirrorless camera.  It was beautiful in its retro design which housed great digital features.  It was small and light weight, simple to work with and required no preparation to take with me everywhere.  It also produced incredible images.

As time went my and Fuji introduced new X models I was at the head of the line to lay down the green and get the latest and greatest.  I had the X pro 1, Xe1, Xt1, X pro 2, xe2, Xt2 and a multitude of lenses, and yet my original X100 was always around my neck.

Fast forward to today, all of that Fuji gear is gone and replaced with one camera. That camera is the Fuji X100f and the Fuji X wide angle adapter lens for that camera. That’s it.  How much more minimal can one get and still produce high quality Jpegs and Raw files?

So here is that article I mentioned above.  It pretty much says it all.

In the last year Fuji did update the X100f camera to the X100V which based on user reviewers is incredible, but I think I shall stick with the F at this stage of my life.  Fuji has added some great technology to the camera which for me is a bit too much.​

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