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I have created a brand new blog site strictly dedicated to photography and videography.  Please click on the link and once there click to follow:




You are the one that freezes a unique moment in time.  You are the one that chose, composed, exposed, and perhaps post-processed after the fact with the knowledge you have amassed on how to do so.

Always remember that the camera and lens are no more than a means to an end.  You are the artist who has spent your time to not only understand the tools you use but have taken the time to learn what works to produce your art.  You have amassed a great deal of knowledge by reading, practicing, experimenting and attending workshops, field trips, and classes. You continue learning something new every day.  That knowledge is what separates you from the snapshooters.  Go create.  Even better go create everyday!

My blog site started off several years ago when I owned Blue Ridge Photography Workshops.  After ending that venture I continued to blog but not as a promotional aid but as a service to photographers and aspiring photographers who wanted to be able to learn at their own pace with informative articles either written by me or others who have been involved in photography for quite some time.

So my blog now consists of articles from many different sources with the information you will hopefully find useful.  From time to time I shall deviate from my favorite subject which is photography to offer my own personal opinions about the world around me.  It has become important for me to express the full spectrum of my daily thoughts when the mood strikes me. 

Thanks for visiting and if the site is of interest to you please click the follow button and join us and also recommend it to your friends.



Make Images Every Day Of Anything And Everything That Catches Your Eyes – Always Have Your Camera At The Ready – Photography is about you and how you see the world – Let the world see what you see
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