Who Am I?



I Love Photography, and hope I keep making images long after I leave this plane of existence

I am now in my seventies and have been involved in the photo industry first as a child with my dad, and later with a companies like Berkey Marketing, Ehrenreich Photo, Nikon Inc, and my own Blue Ridge Photography Workshops. Nikon held my attention for thirty three (33) years and was an incredible place to work and learn.  I served in their office in New York, then on the road in Ohio, Atlanta and finally Washington DC region in both sales and tech work.

All cameras today are wonderful.  As a matter of fact it would be quite a challenge to find one that was not capable of making spectacular images in the right hands.

I have shot with a lot of gear past and present.  They were and are Yashica (now gone), Konica (now gone), Bronica, Mamiya, Sinar, Pentax, Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Ricoh, and now the Fuji  X system and 3 prime lenses.  I have also reached back a little bit in time to my Ricoh GXR system which is also a delight to use.  Images from yesterdays digital cameras provided the same delight in use and image performance.  I love them all.

A quote from Brian Zwit – Owner of the School Of Creative Photography

“Elliot.  If there ever was someone who needed no introduction, it would be Elliot Stern.

Active in the industry for over 67 years, he has done it all. Elliot has been a military, wedding, portrait, nature, landscape, and architectural photographer, manufacturer’s representative, retail salesperson, and teacher.

However, what he enjoys the most is teaching and is an expert on photographic equipment. Elliot is also an active blogger and you should check out his blog.”

Brian Zwit


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