How Paul Ryan played Donald Trump – Vox



But The King Has No Clothes On YELLED A SPECTATOR ———–

Has The King Learned Anything With This On The Job Washington DC On The Job Training Episode???????


Sometimes the swamp drains you.

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The Exposure Triangle: Making Sense of Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO-via PetaPixel














If you are about to learn something new, or are revisiting what you may of have sort of put aside for the love of automation it is always a smart thing to do learn or relearn the basics.

This article posted on PetaPixel is going to do just that for you.

How important is exposure in photography? What are the components of exposure? What is the “Exposure Triangle”? These are the questions I will attempt to a

Source: The Exposure Triangle: Making Sense of Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO

Major firmware updates coming for Fujifilm X-T2 and X-Pro2: DpReview & Fujirumors

Thank goodness there is at least one camera company that cares about and supports their customers.




If you are a Fuji X photographer you have to be in love with the folks at Fuji who have continuously updated firmware in their camera models at no charge and without any hassle since the inception of the product line.

Unlike other camera companies whose firmware updates are for fixing existing problems that should have been done long before the camera or lenses came to market Fuji not only admits when there has been a problem but also continues at least for a couple of years to update firmware so that it incorporates brand new features that the cameras did not have before.

In this case Fuji has announced one upgrade for the Xpro2 and the XT2 that will be here at the end of March and another that will probably come the end of may and it will add 33 brand new or enhanced features between the two models.

Not only do they produce beautiful and innovative products, you are virtually guaranteed that you will not be left behind as new models enter the market place.

I would call them the industry good guys.


Fujifilm will launch a couple of major firmware updates for its X-T2 and X-Pro2 cameras. Features on the way include focal length-dependent minimum shutter speed in ISO auto and added tools for video shooters. Read more

Source: Major firmware updates coming for Fujifilm X-T2 and X-Pro2: Digital Photography Review

Drobo announces ‘easiest and fastest ever’ 5-bay NAS storage with 5N2: Digital Photography Review

If you have lots of images and do not want to mess with cloud storage this could well be your solution.  What I like is that it is in your control all the time.

Digital storage solutions company Drobo has updated its 5N desktop network attached device with a new version that it claims is easier to use and faster than any previous NAS it has produced. Read more

Source: Drobo announces ‘easiest and fastest ever’ 5-bay NAS storage with 5N2: Digital Photography Review

How to Use a Wide-angle Lens for Street and Travel Photography

Interesting take.  Makes sense if you prefer the inclusion of the surrounding area or if you do not mind getting up close and personal with your subjects.


Out of all the lenses it is possible to use for street and travel photography the wide-angle lens is the one I struggle with the most.

Source: How to Use a Wide-angle Lens for Street and Travel Photography

‘Before it’s too late’ –



What will be left for our future generations?  If science says there is global warming and the Arctic is warming 2x faster than the earth overall then I fail to understand the naysayers sitting within our own government institutions including the POTUS and the anti science ignorant people he as appointed to hold important positions.  The holy rollers know more than the most brilliant scientists on the face of the earth.  GIVE ME A BREAK.

In a combination of naturally occurring things in nature as well as major human  contamination of our environment, I personally feel that all future generations of life on earth stand to have detrimental life altering events impact them.

Once again, photographers must be out there recording the changes that are happening, to back up our scientists, and to be at the forefront of preserving our shared planet from harm by making sure we prove that ignorant politicians, governments and industries as well as other right-wing fanatics are so very wrong.

A photographer visits the Arctic, which scientists say is warming more than twice as fast as the rest of the planet

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Remembering Nick Ut’s ‘Napalm Girl’ and How He Changed Photojournalism – Resource

Everyday I learn more and more about some incredible photo journalists who have not only recorded life and death and despair but also became a part of the story as well.

I can recall round table conversations involving the ethics rules photographers were supposed to follow and was always saddened by those who felt that they must remain as historians and saw nothing wrong with putting aside their humanity in order to get the shot.  But thank God there were more who cared more about who and what they were photographing and were able to combine the photographic story telling while remaining loving and caring human beings.

This is an article about a photographer who was able to capture the moment as it unfolded and was wonderful enough to make the camera and lens secondary to the needs of a human being.


Source: Remembering Nick Ut’s ‘Napalm Girl’ and How He Changed Photojournalism – Resource

100 Years Later: Remembering the Struggle of Jewish Soviet Photographer Yevgeny Khaledei – Resource

I came across this while reading through photography blogs.

Let us not forget what history has taught us about human monsters who are racist, brutal cowards who spend their lives hating even themselves.

And please do not forget that the pictures you take today are tomorrows history and you are the artists that can keep the world honest.

Source: 100 Years Later: Remembering the Struggle of Jewish Soviet Photographer Yevgeny Khaledei – Resource

Willa Siegel

Quite some time ago, or at least it seems that way   In my article I referred to some one who had been one of Blue Ridge Photography Workshops student who has done just that.  Not because Blue Ridge did anything to cause that but because Willa had the perseverance to make it all happen.  I hope you enjoy her site.


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Source: Willa Siegel


My Article

A CALL TO ALL PHOTOGRAPHERS – Malta’s Famed ‘Azure Window’ Collapses into Sea During Storms





Residents, tourists and leaders expressed sadness over the loss of Malta’s Azure Window.

Source: Malta’s Famed ‘Azure Window’ Collapses into Sea During Storms | The Weather Channel

In memoriam: Olympus brings down the curtain on the Four Thirds system: Digital Photography Review

I owned the Olympus E1 Four Thirds camera.  No…..Not Micro Four Thirds.  The 4/3 E1 had a larger mount but the same size sensor as the current Micro 4/3 cameras and along with it some of the most incredible optics.

The E1 together with the optics and maybe a little bit of myself produced some of the best images I ever made and to this day are still some of my favorites.

Kudos to Olympus for keeping the the sensor size the same.


It shouldn’t comes as a surprise, but it looks like it’s time to acknowledge that Olympus’ Zuiko Digital lenses and Four Thirds mount cameras are officially dead. We take a look back at the first ILC system designed specifically for digital. Read more

Source: In memoriam: Olympus brings down the curtain on the Four Thirds system: Digital Photography Review

Remember cameras? Al Roker goes back to old-school photography –



Somethings that are old are new again.  Clothing styles, city dwellings, and this time it would seem impossible but film is having a resurgence.  Will it replace digital?  Probably not.  But there again we thought digital would wipe out film.

In a day and age where pictures fail to make it to paper and where they reside inside phones and computers and of course the cloud which you never see it is nice and refreshing to see film and paper making it back into the hands of more than a small number of people’s hands.

I mean there may be hope for true photographers yet.  Now I am not saying that people who use phones to take pictures they will never look at and never hang on a wall are not photographers.

Perhaps phoneorgaphers can learn something about the true aesthetic value of prints on a wall and the turning of pages in a book.


TODAY’s Al Roker is still going cold turkey from digital technology, continuing his series on all things analog. This time Al explores the world of pre-digital photography, and instead of film, the entire segment is shown in old-fashioned still photographs!

Source: Remember cameras? Al Roker goes back to old-school photography –

In making photography accessible to all, photography inadvertently killed itself by Jaron Schneide via Image-Resource



Source: In making photography accessible to all, photography inadvertently killed itself

Roesch Photography: Don’t Spend Too Much Time Post-Processing Your Photos

I was sitting at my computer today preparing a blog post called In The End……

It was going to be about my journeys with post processing images files, whether they be raw, jpeg or tiff.  Journeys have taken me to experiment with a great many software packages, all of which are good and most of which offering a heck of a lot more than anyone should ever have to be bothered with to get a good image that the photographer or anyone else would be proud to hang.

What I found on this journey was too much time is being spent by too many people on too many images in an attempt to seek the ever elusive beyond perfect picture.

I came across this article.  I think you should read it and in the end I hope you come to the realization that getting the shot right in the camera in the first place should be the priority and not how many tweaks you have to make to getting that shot to what is maybe perfection on the screen.  Shoot more process less.

I am guilty of spending way too much time on an image and yet when I first started in digital imaging and perhaps up to a year ago I prided myself on getting in and out of an image in less than five minutes and that image was as good and maybe even better than the ones I have recently spent a lot more time on.

As to what software you should use I can only say find one and just one that will do the things you need to do for basic down to earth adjustments and don’t get sucked in with all of the other variables it offers.


Source: Roesch Photography: Don’t Spend Too Much Time Post-Processing Your Photos

Rangefinder – How to Beat That Dreaded Creative Rut in Your Photography

Let’s face it.  From time to time we have all been knocked in the head by a total block when it came to getting out and about to create images.

Unfortunately, creator’s block knows no bounds. Photographer Ben Sasso offers some advice on what to do when it inevitably comes to you.

Source: Rangefinder – How to Beat That Dreaded Creative Rut in Your Photography

ON1 Photo RAW Version 2017.0.2 | PhotographyBLOG

I have used On1 products for a while now starting version 10.  Version 10 was not a raw processor but simply a pretty advanced and creative image editor.

When On1 announced a complete rework of the software which would be called On1 Photo Raw 2017 I was pretty excited because it meant I could really dump Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom as my raw processor and photo editor.  But sadly the initial release of the product was full of bugs, crashes, tools that did not work.  It was very frustrating.  Fortunately there were other raw processors that I could lean on besides On1 and Lightroom.

But now with the latest release of On1 Photo Raw 2017/2 I have to admit that it is very impressive, easy to work with, producing results that go way beyond their competition.  Even more important to me is how terrific the software is on my Fuji X files.

They offer a free trial for their software with terrific on line tutorials and I really recommend you give it a try.  You just may find that a small investment in your personal time will make a major difference in the results you get and how you  get them.



ON1 has released the first major update to ON1 Photo RAW 2017.

Source: ON1 Photo RAW Version 2017.0.2 | PhotographyBLOG

Opinion: Nikon’s ‘back to basics’ approach is a no-brainer: Digital Photography Review

And if I can add my two cents, well said DPREVIEW.




In its first public statement to the Japanese press since the DL-line cancellation, Nikon states that it will be focusing on medium-and-high end DSLR cameras, lenses and mirrorless cameras. To that, we say: it’s about darn time. Read more

Source: Opinion: Nikon’s ‘back to basics’ approach is a no-brainer: Digital Photography Review

earlier Nikon Stuff

earlier Nikon Stuff

The Porsche Design Book One is a MacBook Pro competitor in a convertible form factor: Digital Photography Review

Minimalist design and high-end components make the Porsche Design Book One a direct rival to Apple’s MacBook Pro and other premium laptops. Read more

Source: The Porsche Design Book One is a MacBook Pro competitor in a convertible form factor: Digital Photography Review

Are you dedicated to your art? Are you learning everyday? Are you capturing a world that only your eyes can perceive?

Are you dedicated to your art?  Are you learning everyday? Are you capturing a world that only your eyes can perceive?

Then you will want to watch these videos about life on the streets with dedicated photographers who face the challenges of recording that life everyday.




Do You Have A Signature, A Style, A Look to your Images? UPDATE

There have been some incredible photographers throughout the years and a great many of us have admired their work, technique, compositions, lighting, etc.  Besides their photography there are more than enough articles to read and digest about how to do almost anything in photography.  All of this is great to learn from and I am a strong advocate of constantly increasing one’s knowledge levels.  But that is where it should end because it is now for you to tell us who you are and what your look and style is that separates you from all of those educational sources.

Quite a few years ago I met a wonderful lady who was sort of just getting started in photography.  She had a passion to learn and learn she did.  But she also had desire to separate herself from the pack and create her look, her style and her signature.  By signature I mean I could  look at a bunch of photographs and immediately pull her work out of the batch.  She had created her own signature.  I used to joke with her about her approach to her images as being color creative as well as abstract.  And the more I joked the more I happily watched her develop her technique.  Her specialty was and still is flowers, yet she has diversified some what and she is doing excellent work within that diversification.

Willa’s Exceptional Web Site

So let’s everyone and anyone have at it. Begin to think about your photography as your own and not something that you are trying recreate as opposed to creating.  It requires some time.  It requires dedicating yourself to shooting for at least an hour a day, every day.  Shoot the things you like, create little projects for yourself.  Experiment with black and white, color, fiddle with composition, and work with as little gear as possible so you have the time to concentrate on what you are shooting as opposed to what you are shooting it with.

Don’t shoot the mountains because Ansel Adams did.  Unless of course you have a unique way of seeing and creating a great landscape.  Work on your street photography, not a famous street photographer’s work.  The lesson there is F8 and be there and the rest is up to you.

Work on architecture and learn how to apply tones in a way you want to see them.  Make black and white one of your signature moments.  Of course architecture can also be great in color but nothing beats black and white for tones and detail.  Study angles, crevices, play with shadows.  Have a ball.

Develop a style, your style.  Develop a look, your look.  And have your signature which combination of all the factors that put an image together the way you see it and the way you feel it and perceived it, which will become your signature.

In addition for this re-post I cannot stress enough the importance of a final print.  Nothing speaks more to your talent and your style than a print hanging on a wall.  Either do it your self or send a file off to a good printing service.  Be proud of your work and hang it.

Most of all love what you are doing, don’t take yourself to seriously and always remember it is not your gear that makes an image special, it is your signature.

Why The Analog Photography World is a Far Nicer Place Than Digital

A NICE ARTICLE AND A GOOD DOWN TO EARTH OPINION.  Some how thinking back to all the years of shooting film in so many different places and then developing the film and printing the images was different.  I don’t mean the process.  I mean the feeling.  There was something comforting and artful about doing the whole film thing.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love digital but I also loved film.  Sometimes I miss the THE WHOLE FILM THING.


The analog film photography world is a million times better than digital with far less quibbles, quarrels and trolls. It’s about art.

Source: Why The Analog Photography World is a Far Nicer Place Than Digital

5 Amazing Filters in Luminar (that don’t exist in Lightroom) — Nomadic Pursuits – a blog by Jim Nix

Terrific Software…Very powerful, complete, and a true replacement for Adobe Lightroom.  IMO


Have you heard about Luminar, but haven’t jumped in yet? Are you Luminar-curious? What are you waiting for?!  Luminar offers SO much, including these 5 amazing filters that you cannot get in Lightroom.  Check it out!

Source: 5 Amazing Filters in Luminar (that don’t exist in Lightroom) — Nomadic Pursuits – a blog by Jim Nix

Nikon Stock Plummets 15% After ‘Extraordinary Loss’ Bombshell





Following Nikon’s announcements yesterday about canceling the DL line of cameras which never came to market and at the same time announced an extraordinary loss the stock market in Japan reacted and dealt Nikon a 15% loss in stock value.  I am very sad to see Nikon in this situation but I am not surprised.


Nikon’s stock price fell nearly 15% today after the company revealed yesterday that it was hit with an “extraordinary loss” during the last 9 months of 2016

Source: Nikon Stock Plummets 15% After ‘Extraordinary Loss’ Bombshell

AND THE CYCLE CONTINUES AS Nikon cancels DL compact series citing high development costs: Digital Photography Review



AND THE CYCLE CONTINUES AS Nikon cancels DL compact series citing high development costs

It was back in November 2016 that Nikon did what was unheard of in the walls of Nikon Inc., and downsized by 1000 personnel to help stop a leaking boat.

Now the exceptional, never delivered DL series of cameras is gone before it ever really got here.  They have had all kinds of excuses for why delivery could not happen and now they say it is too expensive.

Nikon says that the development costs had become too great to continue. A statement released today also mentions the company’s concern that it wouldn’t sell enough units to make up for the increased costs, due to a slow down in the market.

On top of all that they have had an extreme financial loss as stated in this article from DPreview.

I personally think the DL series had great consumer potential, if they had delivered  when they were supposed to.  I know a great many people looking to carry less and some were even willing to own both cameras in lieu of a DSLR outfit.  Sad.

What is even worse is the fact that Nikon was and is the only camera company not to embrace mirrorless cameras.  Unlike Leica, Hasselblad, Canon, Fuji, Olympus, Panasonic, Sony, and the list goes on.

And then there is the Key Mission 360 degree cameras.  Is this late to the party POV camera enough to pull up the Nikon losses?  Only time will tell.  In the meantime competition like GoPro and others have been showing declining sales of this type of product for several years now.  Who is steering the Nikon ship?

The camera manufacturers have been on the losing end for a while because of steep competition from the phone industry.  But no matter what any one says, the phone concept as being a main camera for the serious photographer is BS.

In my opinion he quality of images from terrific stand alone cameras is still greater, better, and necessary if consumers are going to do the smart thing and print their images instead of goo gooing  over them in front of a tablet, phone, or computer monitor which don’t offer what a good print will always offer.


Nikon has officially put an end to the DL series. Announced just under a year ago, the three DL compacts would have had 1″ sensors, and were originally set to ship in June 2016. Read more

Source: Nikon cancels DL compact series citing high development costs: Digital Photography Review – a tale of a new lens and black and white done right

a tale of a new lens and black and white done right

If you are a Fuji X user or have at any time contemplated being a Fuji X user then this article is about why you thought about it and if your were smart why you did it.




To achieve such JPEG images SOOC and still get sufficient “punch” in the shadows I apply following settings in my X-Pro2´s Q-menu (saved as preset): ACROS-R film simulation GRAIN effect OFF (ACROS has its own built-in ISO dependent analogue grain effect) -3 NR (noise reduction) DR auto (auto dynamic range) -1 H-TONE (highlights contrast) +3 S-TONE (shadows contrast for sufficient “punch”) +1 SHARP (sharpening)I´ve discovered that the sweet spot (detail rendering vs. micro-contrast vs. grain) for ACROS simulation is around 2000 ISO. To compensate the JPEG´s reduced highlights & shadows recovery latitude (vs. doing RAW development) I set the highlights tone to -1 (increased highlight tonal range) and my dynamic range to “Auto” (automatically adjusts dynamic range to the subject contrast), see example image below:


Fstoppers – Palestinian Photographer Misses World Press Photo Event Thanks to Trump Ban! but she is full of crap |

What bullshit. She, and the country she was from was not “banned.”  Her lawyer told her she could have a problem but there was nothing about this person that would have gotten her in trouble or set off a flag.

photographerTo many people are over reacting to what was a poorly implemented program for checking on people wanting to come to the USA from countries that were known to want to send terrorists here to do harm.  Obama listed these countries before he left office.  The next president, Trump, simply had the balls to implement it but simply did it wrong.

But nothing, nothing, nothing in this whole story stopped this photographer from going to Amsterdam to speak and judge.

Way too much is being made of this.  The system will smooth out and the system is meant to protect American living in the USA.  If that bothers you then head the hell out of the 2073979684_1e18cae790_bstates to some other country.  You may be shocked to learn what they do to people.


A renowned photojournalist has spoken out after she was forced to cancel her planned attendance at the World Press Photo event in Amsterdam due to complications from Trump’s travel ban.

Source: Palestinian Photographer Misses World Press Photo Event Thanks to Trump Ban | Fstoppers

One Fuji X-Pro 2 Image – 7 Different Raw Converters — Thomas Fitzgerald Photography

It is obvious that I am not the only one screwing around with different raw processors.  Thomas however travels the whole road and has come up with some interesting facts.  He is also kind enough to provide his finished image done with each processor.

I would be the last person to tell you what to do, but it would be a smart thing to follow Thomas and get his opinions on things.  He also makes some of the most incredible presets for Lightroom and are worth every penny if you are a Lightroom user.

Take a trip around his site.


I was recently working on a photo of Dublin’s famous Ha’Penny bridge that I had taken with my X-Pro 2 and an idea came to me. I was processing the image in Lightroom, and I wanted to see what it would look like in different converters. As I’ve written so much about it, and as I had an image that I was working on for a real world project, I thought that while I was at it, I should try a whole bunch of different converters and see what kind of results I got.

Source: One Fuji X-Pro 2 Image – 7 Different Raw Converters — Thomas Fitzgerald Photography