Fuji X Film Simulations Jpegs vs. raw file post processing and how Fuji has launched an incredible solution to fast and accurate Jpeg image processing in camera plus an addendum about bracketing

I am pretty sure that most of us are aware of the fact that the dynamic range and adjustment capability provided by a raw file can sometimes make the difference between an okay image and a spectacular image because of the amount of data the file holds.  Raw files are not small and the fact [...]

Rosetta Greek – Original – Artistic – Unique In Her Photography Work –

Rosetta Greek is a photographer who has an extremely diverse body of work.  Her approach to her photography is very different from the many artists I have encountered and I actually came upon her by accident when a group that I belong to called Alien Skin X software on Facebook had an image that she [...]

If You Thought Messages Of Hate and Distrust Were Done When He Was Ousted From The Whitehouse You Thought Wrong-BAN BANNON….

If You Thought Messages Of Hate and Distrust Were Done When He Was Ousted From The Whitehouse You Thought Wrong - His Far Right Message Has Crossed the Atlantic And Is Infecting Europe. He continues to quietly influence the Trump family and is succeeding in spreading discord across Europe as he takes his disgusting right [...]

Sad but true I have spent a good part of my three quarters of a century either working for, or working with the journalism industry. For as long as I can remember and with few exceptions, there was always truths to be told and lies exposed by all of the news agencies and getting one's daily dose [...]


Let’s take a walk down memory lane. A long time ago, at least in digital software terms, a company called NIK introduced a revolutionary set of Plug-ins that would work with Adobe products such a Photoshop, Elements, and the like.  These plug-ins would open up creative opportunities to the masses allowing for specific adjustment to [...]

Jane Lurie Photography – Jane’s Lens

Professional photographer based in San Francisco covering Travel, Landscapes, Street, Nature, Architecture, Portrait, Black and White, Photography Tutorials. — Read on When given the opportunity I am going to joyfully present the incredible work of other photographers. I have been an admirer of Jane's work since I was taken to her web site. She [...]

AND THE CYCLE CONTINUES AS Nikon cancels DL compact series citing high development costs: Digital Photography Review—-Edited and reposted

Wow.  First I thought I had logged on to a cyber comedy show that made fun of cameras.  Then I realized that I was not having a nightmare in my sleep. Nikon has introduced a brand new "compact camera" 🙂 that weights about 3 pounds and sports an up to 3000mm lens using 1/2.3 tiny [...]

Adobe reportedly working on full Photoshop version for iPad

This is simply for information purposes, but if you are invested in the Adobe Creative Cloud Eco system then this could be a welcome development.  Hopefully at no extra subscription cost and simply a part of what ever plan you might be using.  Good luck with that! 🙂     According to sources familiar with [...]

Rekindling the Romance of Black and White Photography

My Romance With Black And White The other day I blogged about black and white photography and today I found a pretty great article on the web which goes quite a bit deeper.  It is a bit of a long read but worth the time you will invest in digesting it in total.  The previous [...]

Black and White? Color? You do not know until you try?

    We all have different preferences when it comes to our photography and that means we are making decisions on what we want an image to convey to a person who is viewing the image.  Black and White vs. color really is not a major issue. I happen to like black and white images.  [...]

Before You Whip Out Your Camera – “Take a moment to smell the roses” – This is a good read from Digital Photography School –

  Before You Whip Out Your Camera - "Take a moment to smell the roses" - This is a good read from Digital Photography School -   II have long been an advocate of checking out where you are going to shoot pictures.  Getting the lay of the land and the interaction of the local [...]

Apple Ipad Pro, Now being adopted by many photographers as part of an overall workflow – An article by Marius Masalar (1)

Really good read.  Click on the link below.  👇 Apple Ipad Pro, Now being adopted by many photographers as part of an overall workflow I found the above linked article pretty interesting and very much on target when it comes to where we are today with more options to work on our images than we [...]

Bad Backs, Bad Necks, Bad Shoulders Are Not A Joke And Are More Than Likely The Fault Of Every One Of Us

I recently wrote a blog about my bad back coupled with the aging process, all of which can make what used to be very enjoyable days out in the world taking pictures a painful and creatively limiting experience in my world today. Below is a link to that article if you need to revisit it [...]

Working with Different Focal Lengths for Macro Photography

Interesting and informative article on choosing the right focal length for your macro photography.  In the past my favorite macro lens was the 150mm macro from Sigma, but using Fuji X eliminates Sigma.  However, Fuji does have a screaming 80mm macro. I am just sayin'  because I have a birthday coming up. The article does [...]

23andMe gets FDA green light for cancer risk test | TechCrunch

  While a great many people may be reluctant to give up personal information, as an example a genetic test to find out how many folks you are made up of, I think that this concept of being able to isolate cancer causing genes could be a new and better way to learn if your [...]

Dear Men: Allies Call for More Men to Step Up in the Photo Industry | PDN Online

Dear Men and Women Even if you are not a photo journalist you can still be a part of the solution when it comes to the mistreatment of women in any part of the photography industry.  No matter what the venue, or where it is, it does not matter.  It goes far beyond just women. [...]

The Fuji XH1, Not for me but it will be and should be for others

I made a switch from the larger Dslr cameras years ago and never looked back.  I finally wound up with the Fuji X system, right from the beginning, and love everything Fuji has done in regards to style and especially image quality. I cannot not  say how and where I was able to get some [...]

Sayin’ Go Long – update February 14th 2018 – but not yet😍

Well this did not last too long. I received a lot more “stay around” emails since this was first posted by me and I thought if it is okay with all of you that I shall hang around for a while longer. 😘   I want to thank all of you who have taken the [...]

HYPER CLAIMS ARE NOTHING NEW -just don’t get sucked in

HYPER CLAIMS ARE NOTHING NEW - HYPER CAN BE DEFINED AS -  prefix appearing in loanwords from Greek, where it meant “over,” usually implying excess or exaggeration ( hyperbole); We have all, at some time or another been exposed to hyper claims.  They may have been made by politicians, advertising agencies, corporations, blog sites, social [...]

Cheap DIY Lighting Modifiers – Turn household lights into studio lighting modifiers

For folks on a budget like myself who want some simple lighting to enhance their photography without spending ridiculous sums of money, there have been quite a few articles written about DIY projects that allow you to do this.  I like the ones, especially that do not require any expertise in working with tools as [...]

Your Photography – You need to keep it simple and down to earth

We are pretty close to the end of 2017 and as it is every year’s end we hope that there is no unfinished business and are already planning our goals for 2018. I have to admit that over the years a lot of the goals I set for myself I did not quite accomplish but [...]

I am on the FCC. Please stop us from killing net neutrality


FCC will vote whether to delete net neutrality on December 14

Once again Donald Trump's administration because of his jealousy of rules that the last administration initiated is going to try and more than likely succeed in taking away the rights that all of have when using the internet by putting the decision making of how we use the internet into the greedy hands of companies like [...]

Adobe’s Lightroom Downloader lets you rescue your image library from the cloud

This could be an interesting development and great piece of help from Adobe.   Adobe has released a 'Lightroom Downloader' app for Windows 10 and macOS High Sierra that allows you to download all of your images from the Adobe Cloud, all at once. Source: Adobe's Lightroom Downloader lets you rescue your image library from [...]